*SOLD* US Elektron Octatrack mk1 w/ extras

I recently picked up a second OT mkii, so I figured I don’t need three lol!
Octatrack MK1 w/ ProModular red side cheeks (screws not included), 4gb card, also throwing in the elektron advertisement book, poster and stickers just for fun. $560 + shipping (I’ll sort that out with the buyer during purchase) via PayPal. No issues cosmetic or otherwise still has the screen protector on it too…

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Interested in a trade?
I’m looking to part with a mint pioneer rmx1000

I’m sorry kat just selling, I’ve honestly got my hands full with what I have…I’ve got more synths and drum machines then I honestly need, figured I’d post some of the stuff that I think kats will get some use out of.

Right on, should not be hard at that price!

Yeah just trying to pass it on, this years been good to me…thanks kat n’cheers

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That’s a really low price man…You could sell it on reverb for another couple hundred at least. Just lookin’ out!

I’m not worried about the money lol!, I work in the oilfield, just passing it on…just want someone to get use out of it…I appreciate ya though

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Someone on here’s gonna be a real lucky fella. Don’t think we’ll ever see it that low again haha

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Well I’m always reading kats talking about which to get a digitakt or an octatrack, I figured it would be cool for someone get the top shelf model at the same price ya k ow what I mean