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Hi guys,

Selling one of the best hardware sequencers currently on the market. You can control vst and hardware, it has cv, midi and usb outputs, Euclidean rhythms, 64 tracks and thousands of functions, fx midi, sterp mode, track mode and live mode, a marvel. I sell it for workflow change in the studio, bought it here. I include original usb cable and 32gb card. I leave a direct link to your website and some YouTube videos, speak for themselves:

I would accept some change for a synth like Digitone or a DFAM

500€ + delivery
Paypal F&F

Let me know

Best regards

You might wanna edit your topic title. Looks like you re selling Spain for €500 :wink:

Thx. Fixed.

Now you re selling the whole EU for €500. Trump might be interested.

I want to sell to europe

Just kidding :wink: all good now

Cool! Thanks