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Hey, I bought a used MD sps1 mk1 a month ago the guy that owned it before didn’t use it at all, I would say it’s in a near mint condition. The encoders work perfecly. It comes with the ERM stand and with a electron dust cover.

Text me with a € offer. I’m also willing to trade for a MFB Tanzbär.

Shipping is possible but you can pick it up near Freiburg- Germany.


Vermona drm 3 with trigger inputs?


Interesting… I don’t have a sequencer for it tho, what do you use to sequence it and where are you located?


Nice one

I have a DRM1 MK3 with trigger inputs too, but i trigger it via MIDI with a Octatrack or via Ableton > audio interface > DRM

You need some room, it’s a bit huge, no MIDI automation expect for velocity, but it sounds awesome especially if you’re into techno/elektro and is build for last. :okej:


Ok then i was not right, i don’t have a Trigger sequencer, but if it works with the octatrack my digitakt should be fine too?
I’m into ebm/ Techno aswell, gonna watch some videos about the drm3 now :smiley:


Yes, should work without any problems. I mean (i guess @rmro also) Vermona DRM1 MK3, not DRM3, sorry. :slight_smile: Don’t get fooled, some videos on Youtube say it isn’t possible to map every voice channel of the DRM, because the hats can be triggered twice for open and close, so you have 10 possible trigger notes. Some Youtubers seem to use a seperate MIDI channel for every voice which makes no sense to me because the DRM is happy with one channel.


Sounds good, waiting for a Message from @rmro

Thanks for all that Info @spktkpkt

Does anybody have a suggestion how to trade safe online?


Check the persons join date

Check their post history-are they a regular user, do they contribute or is the account just being made to look like it is, with one word answers etc.

Get pictures

Get and check the address

Get references - ebay, mugfs, reverb, here etc. And confirm its them-mesage on that forum or online store

Get a phone number-call, text, WhatsApp etc.

Arrange to meet in person if possible.

Take a deep breath and keep your fingers crossed.

There’s no guarantee, and especially none offered here, however I’ve traded and sold here with no issues. Sometimes it’s about putting some faith in human beings.

The user you’re talking too is a regular contributor to the site and I can’t see anything to suggest there would be any issue. But it’s not my MD!


I’m still interested in trade offers!


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