SOLD! Pique - eurocrack!

Selling one outstanding module - the clone of Peaks, in only 4hp - JakPlugg Pique!
Multiple functions in a small package; ADSR, 2*AD, LFO, dual drum machine synthesis.
As you understand, most of it is possible to have two of - just push the “split”-button, and you have double envelopes instead of a single adsr, or two different LFO´s, a 808 bassdrum AND snare (or hihat, or other perc).

Freshly built and tested, 100% working. Delivered with original Peaks firmware (v1.1) or if wanted, the Dead Man´s Catch which adds loads of additional functionality.

Pickup possible in Gothenburg, Sweden - or i will ship worldwide as long as buyer pays shipping. Ask for quote.

Payment with PayPal (friends & f. or add 4% extra to the total amt.):

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