Sold my MPC Live and the same day, picked up a Digitakt

I bought a Machnedrum a few years ago, after using several MPC’s over almost 2 decades. Sold my MPC2500 after that and never looked back. I make do with a Digitakt now.

The only thing I miss is Note Repeat on those lovely pads, but I have that covered with a midi controller these days.


In a similar boat now. Had my OT for about 6 years, sold it for an MPC and now I want to go back. The OT is definitely more limited but I love it more.


I sample OT in my MPC Live. The mangle and deliriumsamplealteration for OT. The classical sample working and song edit in MPC Live. These two are champions in their own area of working wich are very differents and really additional.
And I really understand when I read that DT is not just a sampler, but a real instrument. Same for OT. I would add that MPC is a sampler (easy to slice ans editing sampler) and as it name say it, a real production center. I don’t regret my 2500 no more (except on the JJOS cool workflow).
You know what ? I would like a DT :rofl:


I messed around with the MPC Live for a few days but coming from Maschine it just didn’t feel right. Sure standalone is cool, but the NI workflow worked better for me. I also do not like touch screens much for my music equipment.

Returned it and got my DT and 404 back instead with 0 regrets.

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MPC has no conditional trigs, MPC cannot assign LFO to anything…and that was off the top of my head in 0.02 seconds. :wink:

Alone they are amazing…together they fold space.
They each have their own features.


I sold my AR MkI and got a MPC Live.
I couldn’t be happier.

Actually, I kind of liked the basic idea and workflow of the MPC.

I got the Black Box now, and it’s like a digest MPC. Take out the best parts, cram it in a small box and cut out the rest.

No argument that the MPC Live is an amazing piece of gear, especially considering I picked up a used one for $750.

There’s that old saying that it’s a poor carpenter who blames his tools. So not clicking with the MPC Live is more about me and where I’ve been and where I’m going than it is about the device itself.

On paper, and even in practice, I can do most anything I want with just an MPC Live. But the years and years of unique pathways forged in my brain are responding so much better to Elektron gear (at least the DN and DT) than they were the MPC.


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It’s funny, when I saw the Black Box, I immediately thought, “Oh, it’s like an MPC Live, but more focused.”

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Yeah, I mean, going back to the MPC60 and what the MPC originally was about (and still is), you can make albums with this thing. The Live’s incredible but until 2.6, there was all this shouting about missing automation lanes and stuff. So that was what stopped us from making great tracks?

It’s so painfully obvious to me when I got the Black Box, what’s stopping me is I have no good ideas right now. And that’s the only blocker. But I love my Black Box and Octatrack and I’m keeping at it until the ideas come.