Sold [Ger/EU] spectralis mk2


Trying to raise some funds, not quiet sure as I really don’t want to part with it.
Owned two spectralis mk1 before this mk2 model. I just love this machine. Comes with original box (not so good condition) and all sample libraries available. Including the original ones by raditec. Also some wooden side cheeks from the first owner that he made for a better working angle. I didn’t use them. I prefer the original ones. Probably I’ll get buyers remorse, especially as the mk2 models are hard to find and I like them much better than the mk1 models. (everything but the optics, ah the old led lights…).
Preferably local pickup in Western Germany, shipping possible (EU/UK)
Local pickup includes a free beer and / or coffee.
Payment: cash. Bank transfer, PayPal. (you cover the fees).
1250€ incl shipping
The machine is in very good condition.


Price lowered


Sold, please close