[SOLD] FS/FT (US) Analog Rytm MKI w/ PL-2


I never thought this day would come but, here it is. I’m selling my Rytm. I’m wanting to focus more on the Octatrack and put some money into other things.

I am the second owner (bought on eBay about 2 years ago) and I have all the original packaging, manuals, power supply, and a PL-2 lid I bought a year ago. The machine works perfectly and has been extremely well taken care of. It’s been kept in my home studio and has only travelled to a friend’s studio a couple of times. Recently a really tiny eyelash got under the glass covering the screen but it’s near the edge between 2 lines of text so it didn’t annoy me enough to try to get it out. The corners have a tiny amount of paint wear from the lid (not sure why they are designed like that), and the knobs have a slight amount of side-to-side give that I’ve noticed happens to every Elektron box (at least the grey-knobbed ones) but I wouldn’t describe it as straight-up wobble. It’s just slightly looser than a brand new box. Those are the minor flaws of a used and loved piece of gear. If you want, I’ll also leave all the sample packs I’ve bought from various places on the machine as well. It’s several hundred dollars worth of sounds.

I have sold on Elektronauts before and have a ton of feedback on Ebay. I’m also interested in some trade + cash scenarios as well. Here’s what I’m looking for:

OTO Boum
Elektron Analog Heat
Erica Synths Acidbox
Akai MFC42
Meris Mercury7 Reverb
Empress Reverb
A small patchbay
TL Audio 5021 tube compressor
Small pelican case (for an Octatrack, AS-1, Rubix44, and space for a few pedals (not exactly sure which sized case I need)
Some other gnarly stereo delay/reverb unit I should know about?
Some other stereo compression, filter, saturation box I don’t know of?

I’ll be posting images tonight or tomorrow. I also have a few other studio items I’m getting rid of including an Novation Audiohub, a MAGMA MGA47350 Rolltop instrument backpack, a Push I with Magma case, and a 2 tier JKD bamboo Elektron stand.

PM if you’re interested in any of these. Thanks!


Wanted to add that I haven’t updated to the latest OS (with DVCO). I’m still on the version just prior to that so OB and Strom are still functional.


Here’s some photos of the machine. Turns out the mild paint wear is only on the right 2 corners of the machine. I’m open to reasonable offers! Thanks again.


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that eyelash under the glass would drive me nuts otherwise I’d be all over this


It’s probably something that could be removed but I wasn’t comfortable trying it. Honestly it only bugged me for a few days then I just stopped noticing it.


yea I would have a tech remove and clean it.


There’s actually a thread about it. I guess I’m not the only one it happened to. I still have no clue how it got in there. I keep the lid on at all times. One of life’s mysteries.


Price drop :confused: how much does an eyelash cost?


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Heyo! Just taking a long shot here, but I’m creative director at Dwarfcraft Devices… in need of a RYTM…
I don’t think I have anything on your trade list, but if our gear interests you I’d love to do a trade.


I specifically need stereo in/out boxes to use with my Octatrack. Looks like your pedals are all mono?


Ugh. It’s true. And I’ve never even attempted a double up/stereo mod.


No worries. Witch Shifter looks rad. Really cool work. Thanks for reaching out.


If you haven’t tried the EHX cathedral, I highly recommend it. Not everyone likes it, but it became a lynchpin of my rig.


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Really hoping to move this guy. Any offers?


SOLD! Please close. Thanks.