**SOLD** FS: Analog Keys with Elektron Gig Bag + CV-MIDI Convertor (UK) *£700* *SOLD**


Analog Keys - mint condition, never gigged, studio use only. Kenton Pro - mint condition, hardly used. Total package includes:

1 x Analog Keys

1 x Official Elektron Gig Bag

2 x Official Elektron Audio/CV Split Cable Kit

1 x Kenton Pro CV to MIDI Convertor

6 x paid Soundpacks (Movement, Codex, Next Level, 1991, Return of the Floppy Disc, Biopads Vol. 2)

Plus all available free sound-packs

All sound packs installed and ready to use on the +Drive (both free and paid ones)

The above configuration allows control of both CV and MIDI gear via the Audio/CV cables and the Kenton Pro convertor.

Sale possible without the Kenton Pro / Split cables if desired, please PM me if so.

Payment via PayPal or bank transfer.

Price is £700 plus shipping. Shipping preferable to UK, EU also an option, if London or South East based I may even be able to deliver!


This is a steal. What’s going on with gear sales here at the moment? No one’s biting.


wow nice deal! couldn´t affort it at the moment :frowning:


Bump. This is a steal.