(SOLD) Dave Smith OB-6, like new condition

Putting out feelers for selling my DSI OB-6 (Keyboard edition). It’s in like new condition, barely used and treated with care, and includes the original box, power supply, and manual.

Asking $2250 OBO including shipping to CONUS.

Trades considered, try me. Open to Eurorack and non-Eurorack stuff. A few interests:

  • A Eurorack powered case. 3U up through 7U, maybe Intellijel 4U (or Palette)? 208hp is my ceiling, in any case.
  • ER-301
  • Oscilloscopes (Mordax Data, O’Tool+, etc.)
  • Complex/dual oscillators - DPO, Furthrrrr Generator, CS-L
  • Granular synthesis modules - Nebulae v2, Morphagene
  • Strymon Magneto
  • MPE controllers
  • Boutique pedals - Meris Polymoon, Chase Bliss Thermae and Mood, others?
  • DSI Pro 2 or Poly Evolver (PE Edition)
  • Moog Grandmother (or your Matriarch preorder, lol)
  • Elektron stuff (I only have Digitakt at the moment)?


noooooooooooooooooooo… dont do it…


Too late, it’s been sold!