Soft feel coating on plastic

Push 2 for example

Liked it until it turned to gunk. Took about five years. Avoiding in the future for sure

I love it when new.



The disadvantages outweigh the positives, and just like glossy black plastic it should be relegated to the tacky obsolete materials pile of history.


I updated the first post with a bit more info, feel free to vote and add your experience with this kind of coating.

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I hate the coating on my MPC Live. Dust magnet thet makes it look cheap.

Arturia’s Beatstep pro encoders as well as the whole side cheeks and knobs of the Minibrute work perfectly as fly catchers after some years degrading to rubber sticky glue by unwanted synthesis. Managed to rub the grease off with covid alcohol hand cleanser.
Mutable instruments eurorack modules have rubber feel knobs too but they don’t seem to dissolve in post-it feel.


Yeah, I cleaned the normal beatstep, the knobs feel much better without the coating although the encoders are fairly useless anyway due to their scaling.

Also had to do a KM Qunexus, which looks terrible now & a Corsair M65 Pro which feels better without. I also had a Push mk1 for a bit & got rid of it when the coating was just starting to come off.

This coating should be outlawed! :policewoman:

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I feel like the question was loaded from the start. Anyway, I think Maschine pads are superb and they seem to stand the test of time well.

I used to like it until I dug out my Push 2 that had been sitting in a travel bag for a while and it was gunky as hell. At first I thought I must have spilled something on it so made the mistake of wiping. And wiping. And wiping. And wi…. You get the picture. Still a mess.

If a Push 3 appears then I hope they ditch this plastic shite.

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After a while it gets disgusting. The manufacturers should know better.


Call me cynical but I’d bet the manufacturers do know better


My MPC live is unsellable, not that I want to sell. But gross to use. Especially being a neat freak, there is no cleaning it. Trying to clean it actually makes it worse. If I ever wanted to upgrade to a newer MPC, should there be one…I could never sell this sticky mess to anyone. And I shame to just throw away.

It’s really awful

The “soft feel” feels toxic to me

Bring back matte plastic

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Do we really need another one of these threads lol

What is the purpose

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The aim is to get companies to rethink their product politics, cancel planned obsolescence, stop electronic waste and make the world a better place. :upside_down_face: :seedling:


I know if that was my aim I’d start a poll on Elektronauts.

Somehow we need to start…

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You DO know some manufactures, reps, producers, actually check some forums. :thinking:

Good, cheap, low effort, market research.
low effort being key for some

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Start what?

Surely the first step is a conversation with the manufacturers. You don’t do user research by issuing heavily loaded polls on internet forums.

For a start the question is more nuanced than ‘do you like this thing’. Ignoring the fact that you will always get far more responses from those that are passionate about not liking than those that probably don’t really care either way (which will be most people, by the way).

We have threads from folks complaining thigns are too expensive levelled up against threads from folks complaining about QA. Product development is nuanced.

Maybe email Elektron. Ask them why they use it?

I bought fader caps not long ago and had the choice of coated or not. I chose coated. Much prefer the feel and I don’t live in a swamp.

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Mute the thread. Move on if it’s not for you. Simple


Your emoji landed faster than you could have possibly read my comment, so well done :slight_smile:

This is why it’s such ‘low effort’ research, and why good companies don’t do it.