Snowman in July (Tone/Takt/Zoia)

Now also available on Spotify and other streaming services for the ones interested.

Have a nice summer :slight_smile:


I have same setup as you (digitone+digitakt+zoia). Do you use a mixer ? How do you apply zoia effects only to digitakt or digitone ? Thanks for your help

I used the Zoia only on the Digitone. If you want to use Zoia on both at any given time it’s best to use a mixer and put the Zoia on a send effect of the mixer.

How are your digitakt and digitone conected ? DT midi out and audio out to DN midi in and audio in ?

Basically how do you plugin everything in order to use the zoia only on the DN ?
Thanks for your help

Digitakt audio out > XR12 Mixer
Digitone audio out > Zoia
Zoia audio out > XR12 Mixer

Audio recorded directly to usb stick with XR12

Digitakt midi out > Digitone midi in
Digitone midi out > Zoia midi in

I used the Zoia mostly for subtle/timed pitched loops and delays.
Hope this helps.

Ya it helps a lot. Thanks

So currently I have the digitone det up like this:
Digitone out > Zoia in
Zoia out > mixer stereo channel

Do you know if it’s possible to apply a Zoia effect to only one of the synth tracks of the Digitone?
For example if I have a lead playing on track 1 and bass on track 2, to have an effect of the zoia only applied to digitone track 1.

Thanks for your help

This is possible using the ‘hard-panning technique’
Pan track 1 fully to the left and track 2, 3 and 4 fully to the right and use the Zoia for different (multi) effects on both inputs for example and be careful using the (stereo) internal Digitone effects with this technique :wink:

That’s very clever ! Thanks a lot ! This helps

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