Snowman in July (Tone/Takt/Zoia)


Hi Nauts,

I just released my new album ‘Snowman in July’ which is available on my Bandcamp page:

Made and arranged live on the Elektron Digitone / Digitakt combo with some additional Empress Effects Zoia flavour…

Below some videos of the tracks which I hope you’ll enjoy.
Thanks for watching/listening! Cheers.


really like that rythm!


great track! Very purposeful and powerful! Good work!


Thanks so much nuri and Ryan. Glad you guys like it and means a lot to me :slight_smile:


looking forward to the album


Very good. I keep waiting for Thom Yorke to start singing it’s that good!

Zoia makes a great elektron buddy.


Thanks a lot! I hope you like it and let me know :slight_smile:


Oh wow haha thank you so much! What a nice comment :slight_smile: Yes Zoia is great, but a device to easily get lost in (in a good way) haha


Very nice! Enjoyed the heck out of this!


Love it! What’s the zoia doing?


Haha thank you very much! What a nice response here :slight_smile:
I will update the first post of this thread when I have more videos of the album available if you guys don’t mind :wink:


The Digitone is connected (audio/midi) to the Zoia which is running 1 patch I’ve made and used it on all the album tracks. The patch is emulating a subtle tape wow/flutter using various random lfo’s to modulate delay lines and mid/hi tone eq and a small midi clocked looper recording every 2 sequencer steps of the Digitone and playing it back on double speed through a reverb and delay which goes back into the looper… crazy stuff :wink:




Your tracks always have a nice build. I’m also impressed with how ‘full-sounding’ your tracks are given that only a couple boxes are used. The OPZ-only tracks probably demonstrate that talent the most, but the Digi/Zoia is a great sound. I also admire the artistic direction of the music itself. Well done. :+1:


Thank you so much for the kind and motivating words :blush:
It’s very much appreciated and I am so happy you enjoy my stuff!
Comments like these do make me want to keep on going.
Since I already made a couple of albums and spend lots of time creating sounds with and on the OP-1 I already had some cool sounds ready when I got the OP-Z so that helped a lot I think :wink:


Updated the first post to include the videos. Hope you guys like it :slight_smile:


gorgeous stuff :slight_smile:


Indeed !
⇒ beers for the chef ! :beers:


Thanks you so much for the support guys! It’s really much appreciated :slight_smile:


Always a fan! Great work, as usual…