SMPL sample names bug

If I load any samples to other slots than the active track’s sample slot (going to the sample menu through 2x hit on SMPL, then FUNC + YES) they are all called the same as the sample I load onto the one active sample slot, until I restart the unit.

I can’t reproduce it to make a video, but I could film the proof and submit that at least to Elektron.

This happens in all projects from time to time, yes. I could not yet reproduce it reliably enough to catch it on video about how this exactly comes to be.

But in this video you can see, that I loaded your factory samples

“Brass Major Chord” to slot 16

“Dist Minor Chord” ro slot 17

But if viewed through the sample selector it is showing me

16: Dist Minor

17: Dist Minor

Which is wrong and gets fixed if I restart the device.

I can only tell you that it happens, when I browse through the samples (accessing them through 2x SMPL then FUNC + YES), load a sample to the selected slot, then load other samples through “LOAD TO PROJ” then replace the sample in the selected slot again. Some combination of these steps lead to this name bug.


I’m still not able to reproduce this, but if you find a way to do it consistently we’re very interested.

If you experience this and you can reproduce it, please submit a video to Elektron, how this comes to be and also state it here, if you like.

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