Smokey Synths

I bought a used Digitone (amazing), and the owner must have been a heavy smoker, because it absolutely stinks (not amazing).

It’s to the point where I can smell it once I’ve put the Digitone away, and it makes my eyes sting.

Any tips on cleaning the unit? Ideally I don’t want to be unscrewing anything, because I’m DIY dumb, and will definitely break it.

leave it outside for a couple days. probably just needs to air out


I wipe my gear with these:

Obviously shut off the units first

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I’d avoid using cleaning products on your devices as they can remove ink and cause damage. As per the manual:

Never use aggressive cleaners on the casing or on the screen. Remove dust, dirt and fingerprints with a soft, dry and non-abrasive cloth. More persistent dirt can be removed with a slightly damp cloth using only water. Disconnect all cables while doing this. Only reconnect them when the product is safely dry.

You could try sticking the Digitone in a sealed plastic bag with half a cup of baking soda and leave overnight. The baking soda will absorb the smell. Obviously be careful not to spill baking soda on your Digitone!


I wouldn’t use normal cleaner / wipes, but several companies offer wipes for electronics that are not abrasive…never had an issue

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I have had some good luck with a tiny puff of Ozium inside a case. Go tiny and repeat if needed. Another thing might be to seal it in a bag with charcoal like Moso Naturals. I have several Mosos out and around in general living spaces and I noticed a difference.

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this, but with a paper bag, not plastic. and at a minimum 3 days.

Also, take heavy duty coffee filters and put baking soda in them, tie them closed with string or something, and place them directly on the machine, on the buttons or anywhere that has absorbed the most odor - probably the plastic parts.

Change the baking soda after the second day and let the 3rd (or 3rd and 4th if you are patient) days be with fresh untainted baking soda. Ideally you would do this on and off, in a bag, for 2 weeks. but you will no longer be ill from the stench in 3-4 days.

what the hell is up with funky digitones? who is stinking up these dn’s??


You could just take up smoking.


another thing to consider is you can pop most if not all of the key caps off with a guitar pick or similar implement - also the knobs all pull off with little effort. Since these are likely to be the biggest culprits (not ruling out the odor sticking to the paint somehow, but to a lesser degree) and you could deal with the plastic parts seperately from the chassis and then reinstall when you’re ready.

Also if the screen protector thing, the plastic static wrap is still on the screen - I am sorry to say, but those things are like vacuums for odor - plastic is very odor absorbent - if it’s still there, you may need to peel that sucker.

just make sure that during any of this (common sense) you don’t leave it anywhere with a lot of ambient moisture or where condensation could build up, that’s one reason for using a paper and not a plastic bag - also, a plastic bag is more likely to “re-contaminate” and pass the absorbed smells back into the machine. Also if the feet stink (smell them, they are rubber, they could absorb a lot of odor) if they stink, you may have to take them off and wash them or do some other kind of de-odorizing because rubber is hard to get smells out of.


Have you tried this? images (11)


Congratulations on the Digitone! Hope you get it sorted and get to playing!


Did you manage to get rid of your smokey smells?

Yeah, it’s pretty much gone tbh.

I didn’t do anything, just left the Digitone to stand rather than be boxed away.

I got some similar issues I’m working on but its silicone pads on a 25 year old machine so they’re really saturated. hopefully my baking soda paper bag trick works because it smells like a 70’s dive bar.

Glad it ended up working out for you also.

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