Small midi keyboard for iPad?


Hi all, I’m looking for budget keyboard 25 keys to use with iPad.

Can anyone recommend something please? I was looking at Gear4music There’s no mention if it works with iOS. Anyone owns it?

BTW how good is the SubZero gear?

Thanks in advance


Although my DN & DT were my first consideration, I also wanted something that would work well with my iPad Pro. After a lot of research I ordered the Arturia KeyStep from Amazon yesterday. It’s the best intermediary for just about all hardware and software synths. Here is a video of Doug from The Sound Test Room using in with all sorts of iOS synths.


Thanks, yes it’s a good one, but a bit pricey atm…


Korg Nanokey Studio is a very good keyboard for the Pad. Bluetooth connection!


I have that korg gadget controller with knobs and “organ paddles”. Its a pretty decent mini mini solution. Then there’s the keystep, which is a solid bit of kit if you can handle a slightly biggeer footprint.

But what about that new roli keyboard which has those RGB lights on it? Seemed like it could be snazzy… or is it still on kickstarter?


You guys got expensive taste! I like that. :smiley:

However I need something around 50-60€…just to play notes on iPad because it’s easier.

Did anyone try the ?
It has arpegiator and I like Korg, they make good quality gear



don’t know if this is the case or if it would bother you, but with the little 37 key korg you can’t change the midi change without using the software. maybe its different now


Very happy with my Launchkey Mini. Works just fine on iPad and iPhone


That sucks, I’ll have to see if it still has the same problem. That would make it totally useless for me. Thanks for the warning.
Apparently this is a new version with the arpeggiator.

The launch key mini looks ok too. Thanks

Edit: I think it doesn’t, watched some vids and all the buttons are used for octaves, arp, etc. But no way to change channels lol


I have the Keith mcmillen one, the small and cheap one. Cost me £25 notes. K-board is it? Not at home to look but it’s what you want - works with the ipad, it’s 25 keys and has a very slim profile.


Thanks, looks good, it is 88€ now. How do you change midi channels?


There’s a software editor on the site I believe. I’ve not had to change it but from memory it’s on there.

So, I got mine on ebay so it might pay to set up an alert as they go for dirt cheap.

For size, functionality and portability I can’t fault it


my advice is: save up for the keystep! or try to get one used. it is so much better (value and features) than those plastic usb midi only crap… :wink:

edit: on k-board you have to use software editor (ios or pc) to change the midi channel… also does not feel like a keyboard at all…

in germany new keystep is only 25€ more than kboard


+1 to Keystep. best mini keyboard around afaik.
sturdy as hell, nice feeling, MIDI DIN out…
plus you can change MIDI channels so easily - that’s great for iPad use


I like the CME XKey 25. Portable, plug and play, functional.


Thank you all for your help, really appreciate it.

In the end I decided on the SubZero 25 from gear4music, so cross my fingers it works with iPad.

Will keep you posted. It looks like an interesting controller, class complient.

Have a great weekend


If this SubZero 25 is no good, I’ll get the Arturia Keystep.
You really talked me into it :slight_smile:
Got a month trial.

Thank all for feedback.


The SubZero 25 arrived today. :joy:

What a piece of crap. It’s SubZero QUALITY. Pots and sliders feel like a cheap toy.
And actually seems defective, impossible to change CCs, monkey logic software, and what is worse it’s Gear4music’s own brand?!

It seems that a company should make sure their own brand is decent, because it reflects the company’s image. Why bother?

Should have gotten the Arturia KEYSTEP in the first place, could have been having fun already.

Thanks all for recommending the Keystep.


told you :stuck_out_tongue:

hope you can return this, get the keystep and have fun…


I know I know :joy: I was expecting too much from company’s own brand…

I should have known better…of course I can return it, free postage, otherwise I wouldn’t have never risk it.