Small format drone synth

I’m looking for a small synth to use mostly for drones. I love the sounds of the Erica fusion system but my budget doesn’t stretch that far at the minute. More like 500 euros. Any suggestions?


Dreadbox Nyx and Grendel Drone Commander come to mind.


Make Noise Strega


+1 for a stargazer, he’s got 4 left in that seductive blood red


For a super budget option the Volca Modular is fun to drone on. Maybe add an effects box with the extra money.

I’ve personally been GASing for a Make Noise 0-coast. I think it would be great for drones too.

Evolver Desktop


depends on the kind of drone sound you’re looking for… if by any chance you own an iPad, there’s lots of apps for that - Shoom is the first that comes to mind. I beta tested for it before it came out and it’s really awesome.
I know it’s a bit beyond your budget, but I very recently got a Digitone and a few days ago I had a trippy moment with it - super rich harmonics with lots of movement… I can upload the audio if you’re interested in listening


Is it easy to trigger/stop a long drone on the DN?
(short of taping down a controller key/trig I mean)

Plock the note length to INF and then tweak it when you’re tired of it?

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I play notes (into my AR and OT) from a keyboard so much more than I use the trig p-locks that I forgot you could do that. Thanks! (#facepalm)


There are actually a lot of such devices

e.g. Drone King and its predecessor Drone Thing

Family of JMT synths (oh my GAS…)

this is exactly what I did the other day

Shoom’s definitely cool. Also recommend Mononoke on iOS… Essentially a Lyra clone


I bought that one as well but barely used it… I have give it another shot in the future

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I want apocalyptically dark drones that signal the end of the universe as we know it. I should probably just get a lyra but that Stargazer sounds fantastic too.




Strymon nightsky turns every sound into a eternal drone. Not a synth but you can play the reverb tail quantitized to scales and notes with keyboard or sequencer.

Shoom seems right down that alley… but then again, if you don’t already own an iPad you probably want hardware instead…

Be aware v1 does not have a slow LFO - I sold it because of these even though I loved it to bits. Not sure about v2.

KING of drones

Just got one this week, and yes it is!