Small doubt for ambient music

Hello sorry if it’s to obviously the answer I don’t find nothing about that

I have long samples (like 5 min long) and I trigger them with the slot mode, but in the middle of the sample (on a random moment that I choose) I want to push play and activate 3 tracks that have a beat (kick,hh, and snare) but when I activate the play bottom all the change to track mode and the sample start on a pattern of 16x16 over and over, and I would love that just play all the pattern complete the 5 mins over and over and not 10 seconds… and be able to introduce the beat when I want

How I can do this?

Thanks a lot

Excuse my English

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Press [FUNCTION] + [BANK] when GRID RECORDING mode is not active and check “plays free”.

There are probably more ways from more experienced users :slight_smile:

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Do you mean the long sample repeats at every pattern cycle and you don’t want it to?

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That’s what I understood too.

1st trig condition, one shot trig, manual trig, one shot plays free…


Thanks for the answer, now when I want to stop the track 1 and play the second the track one still playing. And I would love that I can activate and desactívate the tracks when I want

Thanks! Now my problem it’s that I don’t know how to stop the track 1 for play the track 2 without stop the beat that it’s going


You can manually (and quantized) start and stop plays free tracks.

Are you using plays free?


Yes, it stops to trigger trigs, but it doesn’t stop a long sample playing, once it has been triggered.

You can stop a sample playing with Track button + stop, or reduce AMP HOLD/RELEASE, which can be assigned to the crossfader. Also possible to stop it playing another sample over it (with Slots mode, eventually Slices mode).


This is what I want!!
But I put plays free
And trig mode one2

But when I play starts and when I press again the bottom start again (and what I want it’s that stop as says the manual)

Maybe I’m missing something?

Thanks for the help

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Thanks :slight_smile:

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