Sloping design only on A4?


But the A4 is used in live performance isn’t it? Also the Rhythm. I cant figure a rhyme or reason why they have done this… I thought it maybe the internal layout. Nothing else springs to mind.


yeah, but the greater the slope the more of a hand problem if standing, may be okay for most - it seems to me the mk2 machines look more like stay at home studio units

I’ve no idea how folk can use any elektron when they’re racked like the face of a MS20 in some of those stands - need to be a contortionist to play those with any fluidity

It looks good, it’s a change, maybe the chassis design will make more sense if they drop a mixer or similar into that form factor - who knows - I doubt there’s a definitive way to interpret this


^ this.

Also 100% agreed on the MS20 angle comment. :laughing:

That said I’ve done standing performances with both the AR1 and AR2. The only part of the design that I don’t think is an improvement (at least for me) is the space required for transporting it. That said, I do like both designs a lot, but greatly appreciate the increased real estate while performing. Going back to the MK1 feels a bit claustrophobic by comparison tbf.


Personally I like the flat designs of the OT and the mk1’s and the old silver boxes and the digitone, etc. Makes them easy to pack, easy to stack, etc. Something of importance to me who has limited space.


BYO Slope with Coolfeet.
I have three sets.

got the idea from an old school Tarekith elektron-users recommendation.


Yes. If i had to choose id take a slope any day.


Thats cool.!


I’d prefer extendable feet to a surface that has a slope, Like how projectors have.


I prefer the flat original box design.


I love the og design but with expanding feet they could have kept the original flat design and still had the option for ergonomic positioning.


I prefer to do the positioning myself. When sloping is built in you no longer have the option to work flat, which I really like when standing. A minor, but one of the many reasons I will not upgrade to the new design of the AR and A4 MK2s shape.


Yes, I agree, that is why I stated I didn’t like the sloping but would prefer feet that extend. Maybe I’m not being clear in my explaination. The idea behind it is much like a projector when the feet are not extended the projector will sit flat like the old boxes but if the user desires to achieve an ergonomic angle the option is there. It would have no difference from how the old boxes sit flat as the feet when not extended would sit inside the box.


Telescoping fest would be so cool…I’m 6’4” and most tables at venues have me bending forward more than I’d prefer…


Agreed. With the straight boxes there are so many options for stand angles (20/30/45 degrees) plus single and double configurations. Options are almost nil for Analog Mk2 stands.


That should be taken on board as a projector type system is the best of every world.


pro tip…


cut to size

one mat can be cut to prop up a DT and OT size boxes. recess 1/4" from each side.
foamy soft to hold gear and absorb pounding. but offers stiff support.



Could work, but would need to be done to very high quality with no chance of breaking over time.



I use a drafting board along the line of this, they’re nice because the leave room to run cables under… so basically a set of keys in front and the wiring running under and around.


Its all about the angles…