Sloher (Electronica/IDM/Chill)

Today I have uploaded the first two tracks of my project “Sloher” which is a collaboration with a friend and we have been working on eight tracks for about a year. So more to come.

Our music moves between cinematic passages of chill melodic electronica and uptempo IDM.
It’s also a bit experimental, noisy and Lo-fi at times. Perhaps a little psychedelic too.

I use Digitone and Octatrack and my friend plays a Virus TI2. Mixed in Ableton live.

We hope you will take the time to listen :blush:


Super pleasant stuff, man. :slight_smile:

6:49 gets me. <3

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Very good, in particular the first track. Eagerly waiting for more stuff. The rhodesy thing, is that the Digitone?

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Thanks guys. I’m glad you like it.
Pretty much everything is Digitone except the lo-fi synth that fades in and the wide pad in the end. The noisy effects are done with Octatrack. The drums on Opn is also Digitone.

It’s rather moody, I know but if you allow that it becomes quite pleasant I think.

So our third Sloher track is up on Soundcloud and it’s called “Nordic”
Comments are welcome.

Here’s our fourth Sloher track “Intricate”.

The next two tracks of our lo-fi experimental Electronica project are up on SoundCloud.
Kindly give them a listen. They are two quite different tracks.