Slides or portamento on m:s or m:c

how do you all go about doing slides or a slide type effect using the m:s or m:c?

maybe i’m missing something?

not looking for 303 or analog synth type of sound more like the sliding 808s thing.

There’s no way to use legato between samples, you can use legato if you’re sending midi out of the m:s to a synth, but i think what you mean, since you said sliding 808s is like pitch envelopes. While there’s no pitch envelope per se, you can achieve the same effect by assigning an LFO to the 808 sample of your choice, setting it to pitch or tune, i forgot what it’s called now, changing the waveform to ENV, then mess with the depth and speed. You might also be able to achieve this with the new velocity settings.

thanks for the reply! welcome to elektronauts!

i will check it out. i guess i was trying to see if there were portamento or other kinds of work arounds for similar ‘musical’ moves that arent necessarily built in the machine.

could you post an example? I currently have my friend’s digitakt, i traded him my model: samples so i can’t like check right now, but i’m pretty much familiar with the ins and outs of the m:s. but yeah, i mean, there’s definitely pitch bend, just not legato, and the pitch bend is done through various parameters that aren’t intended to be legato, really. As far as I know, no machine or software i’ve used can really do legato between samples, at least in ableton, and even stuff like trying to set up samples played subsequently, as you woul on a mono synth, that like, have a filter envelope that opens at the beginning- there’s no real way, aside from setting it up before hand, to have the subsequent notes’ sample start times parameter locked or whatever. so yeah, i’m not sure what exactly you mean, but i’m curious to hear an exampe. and like i said, it’s entirely possible to do when sending midi out of the model samples. if the synth you’re sending midi to has legato.

i dont have an example off hand. i’m just kind of seeing if anyone had any info on this. i know not many samplers have anything like legato. also thanks for the pitch bend idea. i think just using the pitch knob will probably acomplish any slides etc i’m probably going to program. also legato is probably not the correct term i was looking for. portamento.
i have both models series and was hoping maybe there was more in the cycles. idk maybe i should post over in that forum as well.

i realize that this is 3 year old thread, but for anyone looking for this you can approximate legato on M:S (depending on your sample) by cutting off the beginning of your sample as a parameter lock. This only works well if your sample has a quick attack envelope.

Depending on what your musical phrases are, it could be easier if you have it cut off as your default, and then re-include it as your parameter lock.