Slices and Scenes Weirdness?

Hi peeps ! Octatrack is one new thing everyday ! Sometimes not a good one.

  • I have a static loaded with a sample.
  • Sample is divided in 32 slices.
  • One 16 steps Bar is 4 trigs, classic 1,5,9,13.
  • Each trig is plocked with slice start 1,2,3,4 ( manually or linear lock doen’t matter )
  • Scene A is empty.
  • Scene B plocks slice start to 28
  • Pattern has been cleared, all pages for all machine have been cleared
  • New project same problem
  • test mode ok, crossfader calibrated ok.

When i slide the crossfader from A to B , in the first quarter everything works as expected ie : slices are offsetted.
Near the center only 1 or 2 of them are actually offsetted, the remaining are fixed at crossfader value for sample start.
Near the end, all trigs are on the same slice which depens on crossfader position…

Any idea ?

Thanks a lot.

I’m only new to Octatrack but could it be because it’s a static sample?
I think they recommend using flex for slices when using cross fader

Hey thanks !
Forgot to mention…Same with flex ! :slight_smile:
That’s a trick I have made hundreds of time…I’m confused right now…:thinking:

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Tried to slice in 8 and having one trig per bar. Works.
Tried to slice in 16 and having 2 trigs per bar, slice starts to repeat after crossfader passed center.
Last tier plays only one slice.

[EDIT] :
I managed to get an almost “expected” behaviour by mapping a static lfo to the sample/slice start and affecting the depth of the lfo to the scene. Near the end I have one slice only that for some reason repeats itself…So that is a workaround but I like to understand…

Are you sure you have slice activated? Maybe try another sample?
Might be something simple you are forgetting.

Also why have you got scene b plocked to 28 why not 32?
It might slow down because it’s not going all the way across?

That’s the only suggestions I have man!
Maybe someone else might know

An lfo offset is the way to go. Cannot work otherwise.
Ideally : Megabreak of Doom.
If you want particular offsets you needto reorganize your sample. This way you can even make transpositions.

What are your values for the repeated slice (lfo, scenes, plocks)?


Hey thanks Sezare, I don’t know, I changed my approach !
I went the sample lock way aka Mega"O"doom.
That’s the beauty of the octatrack, there are ways around.

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You can save sample slots if you use lfo offset.
It limits the number of slices though.
Octatrack 64 breakbeat x 16 slices megabreak of doom: