Six - four - time

Could you explain this Jefones?

Or use micro timing !!:slight_smile:.

A retrig rate of 1/12 or 1/24 does triplets. It’s explained in the manual, section 10.4

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Cool thanks!

If an elektron box is designated a drum machine it gets retrig, a synth it gets arp. OT seems to get everything though, including scale per track if I remember correctly.

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can I please have examples of those uneven mathmatics 6/8 etc?

I really wanna hear what you guys are coming up with


I haven’t personally made anything in 6 yet (but after this topic now I really feel like it), but here’s a song that was programmed on the MnM:

You can hear it’s in 6 and the subdivisions are triplets–count out the fills.

Are you just wondering about 6/8 in general? Or specifically in the context of Elektron?

thanks for the link… I cant bear to listen to the instruments and the voice

i am always curious whats behind anything not 4 to the floor : )

Okay then time for a little lesson:

This song is in 6. Whether it’s 6/8 or 6/4 is kind of up in the air. You’d have to see the music yourself to know if those are 8th notes at one tempo or quarter notes at double the tempo.

90% of the time, songs in 6 have the snare fall on beat 4. To me this is the dead giveaway between a song being in 6 or being in 3.

Here’s a couple more:

And here’s 3 by comparison…I racked my brain for more rock/pop songs in 3 (Amazing Grace works) but it’s pretty hard. Rock/pop seems to prefer 6 over 3 for some reason.

Notice how the whole thing resets every 3 beats, not every 6 beats?

Here’s a song in 12:

The snare happens on beat 7. An alternative way of looking at this song is in 4/4, except the quarter notes are subdivided into triplets, the snare happens on the backbeat (beat 3) and the tempo is very slow. Time signatures get a little bit tricky with stuff like this. There’s no way to actually know unless it’s written down on the page in front of you. I prefer to think of this song as being in 12 though, because the pulse is so constant.

Here’s a song in 5:

Three songs in 7:

A song in 9:

Two songs in 10:

A song in 11:

What else you want?! I guess I was more bored than I thought…


Wow! Les Claypool was my damn hero! Kind of funny how he became this bass guru alongside Carol Kaye and Victor Wooten - given his punk/ phunk aesthetic an’ all.

Always liked:

and some friends of mine playing in 11/8:

Odd time sigs FTW!

listened to each track

most seem perfectly normal

i thought those time Signatures were more weird

thanks for the Playlist buddy

I recall from years ago there used to be a song that kept on increasing in time-signatures. I can not recall it, though…

ps - but the King Crimson is awesome! Just try and count it out!

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They may sound natural, but coming to program them is another story. When I find time ill post an example made with the digitakt.

please do so!

Alright guys, here is an example of an 6/8th poly rhythm I am working on at the moment. Its not yet finished yet and i’ve let all the colored parts out except for the Minitaur at about Halfway. Let me know what you think or feel…

The one sequencer I can think of that does a good job with 3/4 time and other “odd” signatures is the 2nd generation Korg Electribe series (ESX, EMX, etc.).

Those let you set a “final step” per page/measure, so you could get up to 8 measures of 12 steps (for ¾ or 6/8 time), 8 measures of 14 steps (for 7/8), and so on.

This was intuitive and visually pleasing because the first beat of a ¾ measure always hit on the first step of the sequencer, no matter what page/measure you were on. So you didn’t have to do any math in your head. (I have no idea if they kept this functionality with the new (2014) generation of Electribes, which by all accounts seem pretty crappy.)

Gotta say, when I moved from the ESX to the much more capable and sonically impressive Digitakt, this was the one function I was really surprised to lose.


I’m also baffled myself. Why you can’t set per page step length on Elektron devices (and why they haven’t patched it) is beyond me. I would love it.

It stops me from making anything in 3 or 6


Just chiming in, my first attempt at 6/4 I had recently released on my album. Creatively named sixfour @

I use Renoise mainly to drive my midi clock instead of the internal sequencers (Akeys and OT user here). Trackers are surprisingly good with odd time signatures. Would probably take a lot of the guess work out to lay out and then record to octa at 48/48 or something.