Sites down?

It seems Bandcamp, Twitter and Reddit are down. Do you confirm or is it just my place that can’t access?

There’s a world wide thing atm
Lots of sites down.

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Bill Gates pushed the button?

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It seems that some cloud service that underpins a lot of major websites has gone down.

Fastly it’s called or something.

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Yes, Bandcamp was down for me too momentarily (Spain)

They’ve temporarily changed their name to NotRightNowly.



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This is where to track the fix. Fastly Status - Global CDN Disruption


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I was just buying a cassette when it all broke down.
No coincidence for sure.

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skynet is real

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It’s Fastly. Say a prayer for their staff. I have 3-4 ex-colleagues/friends there. It has been a long night for them


I wouldn’t want to be the one that pushed is code before going to bed…


Ooof I can’t imagine the scene there now.


wonder how much revenue projection loss would be for those type of companies, like amazon during the outage.

Thank you so much.
It speaks to me on so many levels.

Thank you, this is priceless.

(Run it through a pitch shifter 4 semitones down to get the original sound.)

OMG :rofl:
This is so painful and so hilarious and so true