Site to meet and jam with people in your area

Hey a user from kvr just fired up this site :

I found the concept interesting, maybe it could be of interest for some of us here !

As a disclaimer I’m in no way affiliated with the website, just found it by browsing some bitwig topics on kvr.


It’d be lovely to find people to network with in Seattle, I feel like the local gals and guys who’ve been practicing forever are already in bands, and my friends that like electronic music never seem to want to jam when they’re over :stuck_out_tongue:

Never :ear: of this one, but i tried Jamulus software a couple of years ago. Hoping to find some jams to enter. Sadly I ran into rehearsals of bands because there was no one out there doing pattern based electronics. Although what I was hoping didn’t happen I had a really great time and lots of fun. You enter a room as a listener while the band rehearsing had no idea that another Audio signal was added to their monitors…and suddenly you come in with something that fits right in or exactly the opposite if your in a fun mood. Those reactions :joy::joy:

Gonna check the software you mentioned if that works properly with latency and quality and all that.

That’s only for irl meetings, not online jamming unfortunately… :slight_smile:

I live 1 & a half hours from Seattle, but I would love to jam :blush: & I visit the Seattle area somewhat often.

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