Simplistically beautiful songs

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What are songs that you find are the epitome of beauty in simplicity.

Songs that are as simple as they are breathtaking. Songs that - as far as arrangements go[*] - you could have made, but could never have (or are jealous of not having made them:)

Only one song per go:)

This song made me think of it:

re: @hereiamhere75 you’re probably very right, so: *seemingly simple


Edit :sorry no preview, sometimes there is now, sometimes not, tried one more time…
Rotterdam termination source poing

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most of the beatiful simple songs are not that simple at all. they just sound simple


Did you see the messages about the upcoming Telekom Electronic Beats channel’s Blind Test?

Wow, really love this track. Is it on Spotify or Apple Music?


Thanks a lot, will watch it. (For me came 90s trance quiz you mean that? ) You know me as trance till 94 fanatic? I would win a price probably. That music means a lot to me. Probably there are nice trance tracks later, but i don‘t know a lot.
Best educational yt videos are from a young russian guy who calls the channel neowave roots of trance (for example 92 incl timeline)
A lot of nice uploads from 2trancentral…
Maybe you saw another telecom thing…
Edit if you mean the last techno telekom quiz with my hardacid hero mike dearborn, i watched that per chance

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This masterpiece of rough af bedroom pop:


Modern art = I could have done that + Yeah, but you didn’t.

Tangerine Dream - Love On A Real Train


Laurie Anderson O-Superman. The simplicity is almost overwhelming. This was massively inspirational when I first heard it.


They actually are working on a, in their words, “90s Gabba” Blind Test - in their message about it coming up it just said “POING” in large letters:)



Man how are y’all getting YouTube links to post the preview? I can only get the link to show with no preview video.

Up there with my favourite eno, stars of lid, aphex, drone tracks. Incredible, minimal, haunting and absolutely gorgeous.

Take your pick from the Basic Channel discography…


Okay I’m gonna stop commenting to each and every post. But wow. I could cry to this, and I can’t often cry.

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…so far, i only see one song named here, that finds all it’s beauty in reduced to the max simplicity…
and that’s mrs. anderson’s monochronic master piece ode to superman…

all the rest is just minimal tracks…all cool, but that ain’t no song…

Thanks a lot. There i‘ m no expert, altough my first techno records were from mokum amsterdam. Still love it sometimes.
If you think maybe pdp is a reference to pcp frankfurt, yes a bit also but not mostly, also for sure not to the drug, i never took any pill or powder. Maybe an error and pills would have helped me with depressions.
It stood or stands for programmed death productions, well, i almost never produced anything, some art, some granular noise and experiments i uploaded to a place called vitaminic, disappeared a long time ago.
Marc Arcadipane is for sure a very important person for gabber, hc, hard techno etc.