SIM80 - Kinetic Origins - Now released


Hey all, quick update. I’m happy to say that this album has been released on Detroit Underground and available on bandcamp. Should hit the usual streaming services in a few weeks or so.

I appreciate the feedback and support. And there’s a lot more to come in the not so distant future…


Yeah, great stuff, some of the tracks have got a Drexciya kinda vibe to it :ok_hand:


Thanks man. Appreciate it!


Very nice, reminds me of a moodier, more analog Planet Pluto.


Been waiting for this day since like 2.5 years (when Chroma Vale came out!)

AWESOME! I don’t even need coffee this morning now that I am so hyped.


This is really good stuff. :ok_hand:


You gave me that last push to get it finished so thanks for the nudge! Honored by the positive feedback guys.


like it too ! delta city ocp is my favourite.


Nice! Especially digging Delta City OCP



you are really good in making snare sounds sound good


Loving all the new tracks.

All killer, no filler.


That’s great, right up my street


@SIM80 what kind of tools are you using for these tunes?


Killer groove. Great melodies and atmosphere.
Lots of details and production tricks.
Wow. Well done


Thanks all. I’ve actually shuffled my studio around quite a bit lately. And had to sell a lot of gear recently to pay for medical bills for my son. Long story, but he’s doing great now. I guess I’ve learned to do more with less lately.

Lots of Ableton and Max 4 Live. U-He stuff (Diva, Zebra, Presswerk for compression). ABL3, Valhalla, Fabfilter. Vertigo VSM-3 for mid side saturation.
Lots of samples of all of my favorite drum machines over the years.
Octatrack MK2 a tiny bit on a few tracks while I had it.
TR 606 (And samples of it as well)
Korg Monopoly for some bits - Bassline on Delta City (Had to let this guy go. snifff)
Prophet 6 (Love this synth. Desert Island. Can get it to sound almost like the Monopoly…Almost. That SSM filter)


Ugh. This makes me realize how boring my own music sounds. No, no… I’ll just tell myself my music is chillout music or something, haha.

Seriously though, this is incredible work. Thanks for sharing here. Also glad to see this type of music is made by people who aren’t analog-purists. Sounds incredible!


Out now on DETUND. Thanks for the support.


Purchased. :thup:




happy to support.