Sign-up for the Overbridge 2.0 closed beta


Would like to know about compatibility here also…


Great news: Anyone who signs up for the beta testing receives a Toblerone! :heart:


did somebody already get the invitation for the overbridge 2 beta?
i applied on saturday and haven`t got an answer yet…



I keep checking my information- anytime I make an upgrade to stuff I immediately upgrade my application


no joy here yet! i wonder if since it’s closed you have to agree to an NDA


sure. but normally you are only not allowed to say anything about the features, bugs, etc. not that you are one of the testers


I reckon you do, as I haven’t been able to see any YouTube videos about it.


Nothing here yet.


Nothing here… yet


Yet here, nothing.


I guess next Tuesday.


I see what you did there


No need to guess, it’s a fact!


We will close the form on Friday and have started to sort the applicants into the planned test phases.

Some quick notes:
More than 2000 applicants.

75% macOS(majority 10.13)
25% Windows(Win 10 with a few exceptions)

MacBook Pro 2015 is a popular laptop.

80% Ableton Live
25% Logic
Rest are below 7%
(quite a few have more than one DAW)



Thanks for the update!


lol fantastic. thanks


mbp2015 gang4life.


Yeah, MBP (early 2015) represent.

Now that I think of it: forgot to mention in my form that I also run Korg Gadget as a DAW. Makes me extra-super-unique as a beta-tester, I reckon.


Can you use plugins in Gadget?


No, but you can use the Gadgets as separate plugins in Ableton/Logic etc.