Sign-up for the Overbridge 2.0 closed beta


lol fantastic. thanks


mbp2015 gang4life.


Yeah, MBP (early 2015) represent.

Now that I think of it: forgot to mention in my form that I also run Korg Gadget as a DAW. Makes me extra-super-unique as a beta-tester, I reckon.


Can you use plugins in Gadget?


No, but you can use the Gadgets as separate plugins in Ableton/Logic etc.


Do you know if the standalone editor is available for beta testing or it is about the vst version only?

Analog Rytm OS 1.45: bug discussion

must be interesting data to receive


Indeed, but it’s very close to what we have seen before.


Wow, 80% Ableton. I thought FL Studio might be a little bit higher on the list.


now, I’m no mathematician… but this seems to add up to at least 112% :grin::grin: (before I get replies, I know this represents using more than one DAW!)
80% Ableton Live
25% Logic
Rest are below 7%

I am actually very surprised to see Mac is dominating actually, not as much for Live!


As stated by Ollie, People reported using more than one daw. Which is why percentages went over 100%. It’s actuallu kinda interesting to me that people don’t settle on a single daw.


Hi, other Jeff!


this is the first time I have ever felt like a super unique special snowflake for using windows.


Thx Olle! Stastically interesting numbers right there.

  • how many beta testers have you planned to work with?
  • is it ok to send an updated application even after having replied last week?
    Keep up the good work!


You should have a link in your confirmation email to update your application. So you don’t need to send an updated form, you could just edit the one you’ve already submitted.


That’s fantastic to hear! Thx Ryan !!


My pleasure :slight_smile:


I’m really eager to try out OB for DT!


SAME! I’ve been checking my email constantly since I submitted my form(which was immediately after I saw the post)(kinda, wish I knew they weren’t processing applications immediate- but the fun is in the anticipation- or at least until I get overbridge, and then the fun will be in that :D)


Ah ah ah! We must be like twins or something. But given how much many of us have been obsessing with OB, it’s pretty normal (read: expected) that we reacted that way. 2000 candidates is pretty good number if you think about it.