SIDstation noise

Hi all

I just got a SIDstation yesterday.

Unfortunately the previous owner had no idea where the power supply was and so he sold it as possibly working.

I got a power supply today, 6V and 800mA (in the manual it says at least 400mA), and despite the whole interface responds well, there seems to be too much noise.
The kind of noise I get depends on the patch and triggers the pitch, so it’s like the oscillators are being leaked.

I’ve seen people mentioning the SIDstation to be a bit noisy, but I’d guess this isn’t normal, right?

Anyone experienced the same kind of problems?

Thanks in advance,


That’s how the 6581 chip itself works, the envelopes never fully close. Using a noise gate is essential.

Yep. This is 25-year old+ technology and you can either gate it or sample it and then put volume changes on your sample. I like the latter because you can really tweak the amount of grit that comes through.

I also bought a sidstation a few days ago but there is always a fixed noise which is a bit annoying

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