Sidechain effect on OT?

Hi there. :v:
I have a synth entering a thru machine on the OT
I wonder, can I some how get it sounding side chained to using internal effects?
This would be in real time, non recorded audio?

I’d say yes, possible realtime, if your synth sends midi. You can use it to trigger another track’s lfo on VOL. Midi processor needed.

To clarify, you want a compressor side chain?

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Thank you, this is a new one for me and will experiment with this, thank you!

just modulate the input volume instead of amp vol, with an lfo? pretty easy…

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Ah yes I’m getting it thanks all.

I like the saw wave on the amp volume.

Mult. 2, 4, 8 and 16 all sound really cool with beats (I followed the birdzeye recipe for the basis)

slowing the speed down sounds nice, having long volume swells, and adding big dank Reverb on the end :+1:

With regular side chain, a signal interacts with another one.

AFAIK, not possible with OT, except with midi.

Thank you, I have realised I was looking for a side chain type effect rather than actual side chain compression, which the lfo modulating the volume gives me what I needed so all good.
It has opened up my mind to possibilities seeing it can control pitch etc.
I wonder, can you recommend some good reading for lfo ideas?
sezare you have supported me with every question I have since I bought the octatrack, special thanks!


To stay in topic : actually, with my guitar control project, I want the opposite of Side Chain : I want some tracks to be heard only when I play guitar. My only workaround is using MD inputs, triggering a track with midi. An lfo can be used.
This can be used for realtime side chain.

Off topic about an lfo trick I like to use
Sequence sample slices with probability events

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What’s the best way to achieve a sidechain effect on the OT?
The lfo trig types can’t be p-locked like the other elektrons which confuses me.
I would plock a lfo trig at the start then have it run free on other elektrons

Lfos can be plocked with trigless.
What do you mean by side chain fx precisely?

Volume ducking/gating.

Just want the bass to duck the kick drum to mix the track a bit better

Just turn the volume down on the step I need you mean?
Is there no way to achieve this with an lfo ?

One shot IEXP LFO to AMP vol?

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Lfo designer for best curve…


You could also trig the filter env with trigless trig.

Will try that. The video in this thread is good for a loop but not a sliced loop