Side project got released! (OT TR8-S Techno)

I have been working on a side project just for fun. I don’t quite know how, but it has ended up being released and is available now on all the streaming sites. Here is a bandcamp link because I like bandcamp

All made on my Octatrack and TR8-S. Live recordings. Mastered by Ben at Khao Records.

I will keep my own feelings about it to myself for now, but I would love to know what folks think.
I am going to continue with Edger and have a slightly different set up for the next set of material!
Huge shout to Ben for putting this out.


1.5 songs in and I’m digging it. :+1:t3: Nice work!

Thank you! I have never done Techno before so am quite shy about the whole thing. The last track on the EP is a remix of one of my tracks by another artist . Thanks for listening:)

I really enjoyed the last track. That dripping, stuttering sound toward the end was really cool.

Cool, like the vibe. Asha Possibly is my fav.

I was a bit disappointed when the beat came in in Students! The build up had me longing for a grinding low end rumble. Your beat gives it a retro 90’s style. I feel this track is quite thin, missing some layers.

The final remix is much on the dub techno end of things. That makes for a wide range of styles on this EP. I’m most interested in the Asha Possibly direction: harsh, abstract and oppressively repetitive. I could have a whole album of that.


Thank you so much for the feedback! I completely agree with you. Im not a fan of the remix at all, but the label guy wanted to do it like that and I didnt think it mattered.
Im totally new to techno, and totally ignorant about the whole genre. My tracks were made on Octatrack and TR8-S, recorded live into a tascam field recorder then given to the label.
Anyway thanks again for the feedback, I shall keep it mind as I plan to make more. I have listened to your stuff a fair bit, very nice ineed. Cheers!

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I’m a fan of compact hardware setups and live recordings myself. I play with 3 sequencer synths (Machinedrum, Rytm, Circuit Mono Station), 4 FX boxes and a mixer. I imagine in your setup the OT can serve as mixer and FX box.

If this is a side project, what is your main?

Here are some techno/electronic artists you might enjoy:
Kangding Ray
British Murder Boys
Tommy Four Seven
Ancient Methods


Yep thats right, OT serves well as mixer and FX.
I have been experimenting this week with my Bass Station 2, but honestly I think it just complicates things, much as I love synths(got a collection). So I am leaning toward keeping it simple. Get more out of less gear. My goal is to eventually play this stuff live, so just two machines is a good idea I think.
Thanks for the list, I checked out a few, some pretty awesome stuff in there!

Well, a few months on, a couple of gigs later and here are three tracks I am curiously ok with. Tell me what you think.


Tell us more about your gigs please. Did you play live?

Thanks for your interest, Yes I did play live, a thursday night slot and a sunday afternoon.
I took the same set up for both gigs, Octatrack and Lyra, I had fun, and got some positive feedback. Not sure what else I can tell you?

Good work man. Really enjoyed. I can tell you ve been working your sound.

Windmill sounds like you played it in a large empty warehouse and recorded with mics. Reminds me of some Emptyset work.

The bass sound in Dunnville reminds me of Future Sound of London’s We Have Explosive album (excellent, check it out, especially pt5). Dunnville remains in the same flow and athmosphere throughout. I was a little disappointed when it ended without taking a turn somewhere. Great vibe, has more potential for development.


Thanks for listening, and for giving feedback. Glad you liked it :slight_smile:

I love the sound of those tunes. First 2 especially (windmill & crypto bass) they’re right up my street. :pager::+1:t3:

If you had loads o tunes like them 2 id listen to em all day. Keep em comin :slight_smile:

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Damn. ‘Liked’ for reminding me to listen to more FSL.

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Crypto Bass is the best one for my ears.

Thanks for the comments folks! Its very encouraging.
Moving away from the safety net of DAW production and going truly live is a daunting thing. These were all raw live recordings (except Crytpo Bass repeat, on which I overdubbed the ocean sound ) I did at least three takes of each song. For me this feels like the right process.
For a long time I have wanted to get more feeling into my music, and make it so its not about the gear, or techinques, just about the piece itself, the world it creates, the vibe, the story. I wanted to get away from the endless chore of micro editing in software. I want rawness, realness, truth.
Using microtonal instruments is not easy, but extremely rewarding.

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