Show your selfmade solutions

thinking about building a nice rack for working while I stand and not sit. as far as I´m concerned building it myself should be way cooler.

So i was thinking, after the great show your setup thread its time for the diy culture guys to show wat they made themselves. whatever it is, stands, racks, or even self-made hardware would be nice to see.


I’ve made a couple of acrylic stands for some of my gear. Only basic stuff but it works. I’ve made some bigger wooden stuff but not for my gear.

The original Elektron boxes are super easy to make stands for thanks to the threaded holes on the sides of the case.


Those are really nice. Minimaliatic, effective design. Well done. :slight_smile:

Laat year I had a couple of diy projects. A modular case and redoing my studio where I built my own bass absorbers (I’ll release a video on that later this year).

Here’s the video of my diy eurorack case.

Great thread. Missed that on Elektronauts.


looks great, how much weight does it have loaded?

It’s quite heavy since I used 12mm plywood. In hindsight I would’ve gone for 9mm. It’s not full yet but, weights about 10kg without modules I think. :smile:

I made my own 12U eurorack. Half of it here:

It’s totally NOT worth it considering money only. Thomann can make better cases on demand and prices pretty low. BUT, it was fun to build and I learned a few things along the way.


Also, I made my own sequencer with an arduino. It’s a random-based thing with a few parameters to “tame the chaos”. Think of it as a midi version of a Turing machine (different principle but similar results). SOme code here:

Yeah, I was looking at building a euro case but so much of the cost is in the power supply, basic cases can be bought pretty cheaply.

using my old case as a table )


if I needed another case, I would go with a synthrotek waterproof portable.

I thought I would post here preemptively to indicate my plan and to ask for some advice . . .

I want to incorporate a little rack for 3 19" units. I think my desk could easily be customised.

I’ve got 17 cm between the desk and the shelf, and I can shift things to the right for space. I want to put on a couple of sides and a rack on each side to address l screw each device onto.

Will 17cm be high enough, and what else should I be considering.

I’ve attached a photo of the space on my desk, and also a picture of a box that’s like what I want to have inbuilt in desk.