Show us your Rack! 19 inch format love

No way @jefferymac. Not with that PCM-80, PCM-91 and that Wavestation A/D in your rack!

Paging @knobgoblin :slight_smile:

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Not shown is the Heritage Audio Successor and the Grove Hill Liverpool compressors which should be arriving in the next week or two


one of the few SSL Xpandas i’ve seen in the wild. seems so few of those were made. a shame really. KSP + Lexicon 300 + Lavry. drool. nice set up. must sound nice in there.


The XPanda was such a good product. I don’t think it was a coincidence that they stopped making them when they made the XLDesk. I think a fair number of them were made, but they are too good to give up, so those who have them aren’t selling. You can use a second XDesk and link the two together to get a pretty similar setup, you just loose the 4 stereo tracks the XPanda has.

The XDesk, XPanda and Sigma are fed from the Orion which is clocked from the Lavrey. Channel outs from the SSL’s are normaled into the Orion inputs so it’s super easy to multitrack everything for recalls later.

Lavrey for the main monitor DAC as well as for the mastering DAC/ADC loop. Paired with the Neumann monitors and room treatments things do sound great in here :sweat_smile:


All my Racks are self built. The big one mostly holds my Guitar-Gear and some old stuff and acts as a Leg for my desk and also holds my mixer on top.

The 2 HE at the bottom is a Self-Build 3-Channel Soldano (SOL 100) Preamp

One is part of my Monitorrack and holds my Soundcard and my Patchbay.

My latest addition is the desk stand rack that currently only holds my Hydra. I am not pleased enough with working on a device mounted that way, so I think my Virus (Goto synth for most what I do) will don’t move there.


Mine is also self built…but is a little more hacked together than yours…i couldn’t get rails so just used pine and screwed into pine.

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Good lord!!! I really like looking at racks, but never thought men’s racks would impress me so much.
@konputa daaahaaaaaamn


This rack contains synth`s and a H3000, but mainly solved my space issues for the Modular system. It is very comfortable to twist/patch while sitting or standing. The Modular system stands on a selfmade aluminium angle and leans on the rack :slight_smile:

The Interface and AD/DA converter in a self thrown together rack.


Nothing fancy, the Nord G2 does typical weird Nord G2 stuff (happy to see a few of them on this thread).

I have the top patchbay with all my instrument I/O, the bottom mostly going into the 828mk2 I/O.

Eventually I’ll also connect a reel-to-reel deck, a small pedalboard, and the MicroVerb4, which I’ve had longer than anything else here.

The Bloks MidiHub has taken over most of the Midi routing from the MOTU Microlite, but I have enough instruments that it still gets used.

It’s not as cool as it’s more famous cousins but the TG55 is one of my first synths, and for some reason I still like it.

And behind all of that is an Overhub that anything with USB is connected to, so I can plug in just a USB and a Firewire/Thunderbolt cable to get everything connected to my MacBook.


Just the basics…


@Uija what is that beneath the Ibanez processor? Is that a home brew Pultec?

@knobgoblin your setup is stunning.

@dubmo That’s a beautiful integration of euro and 19" rack.

That’s a DIY 3-Channel Guitar Preamp based on the Soldano SOL 100 and some Fender Clean channel.

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had some speakers and random rack stuff laying around so i assembled a boombox


Game over.

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My modest contribution… might be swapping out the pedal shelf for a DP/4 soon.


I’ve been keeping an eye out as I believe the KSP is going to be my next entry in the “what is your latest east purchase and what do you intend to use it for” thread.
I know everyone’s stock answer, but how do you feel about that box? Particularly the workflow in it. And how much different are they than a having a couple k2600rs and just using KDFX?

If I remember correctly, the ksp8 has enough dsp that it would take 3-4 2600’s to get an equivalent processing power.

If you know how to edit Kurzweil’s of any vintage the workflow should be easy. You can stack up all the dsp on a single stereo track or (with the analog I/O expansion) spread it across up to 4 stereo chains. Great workhorse unit for standard fx stuff, but it really excels when you want to get weird. The reverb algorithms in particular have such wide parameter ranges that are modulatable with Functions that it’s a sound designers dream. The only thing I wish it had was a general purpose envelope follower as a mod source. A few fx algorithms have them built in, but I haven’t found a way to tap that signal yet if it is possible. Highly recommend, and there are great deals to be found, most people seem to not know about these boxes and their potential

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Took delivery of a nice Gould Case Works 4u rack yesterday. It took a couples hours rewiring everything but I’m quite glad how it turned out. Ergonomics are super important so it took a few iterations to not clutter the desk too much. Little rubber feet underneath the pedals to prop them up against the wall was the key :slight_smile: The contents of the rack are quite boring so far, saving the remaining space (and my money) for an Overstayer Modular Channel.

Coupling the RME with the 16A allowed me to have all three pedals and the Xfilter as FX sends in Live 10 and enough I/O for the Alphabase and Modular.


Here’s one of my racks, some rad delays and reverbs in this babe for sure and my interfaces on top. There’s a Furman rack power strip back there hidden too, I leave it out of the rack so it’s easier to access. More coming soon. The black Maxon DD1000 is one I’ve never seen anywhere else, shout out if you have one!