Show me your Elektron made post-punk/core, noise rock, shoegaze

Hey everyone. I am starting on writing some stuff intended to combine some of my many interests and influences. Aiming for something like Boards of Canada meets Jesus Lizard and Unwound (we’ll see if it actually sounds anything like this at all :smile:). I’m making stuff with a DT DN A4 and then playing live bass and intended on doing live vocals over the top as well.

I would love to hear any projects people are doing on their own or collaborative that are combining these kinds of sounds. Post-punk, post-hardcore, noise rock, shoegaze etc + beat-centric dreamy electronics, lemme hear what you’re making!


Will be watching this space. :face_with_monocle:


So I just released this record a few weeks ago, all of it is pretty much sequenced with the digitone with a ton of homemade presets, hadn’t done a record in years but the digitone inspired me to start writing again. (the album cover is a ww2 joke lol) happy to share any of the presets with anyone interested.

PS got to see the Jesus Lizard on my birthday sometime back in high school or college, one of the best shows I ever went to. GOAT is a perfect record.


Nice work!

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Which tracks feature which Elektron boxes?

I believe tracks 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12 and 13. Tracks 2, 5, 6 and 9 were done exclusively on the digitone keys (except for vocals obviously). Other gear I used was a hydrasynth desktop, AS-1, Roland TR-8S, SR-16, Minilogue and a neutron.

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Already posted this in its own thread last year but it never hurts to go fishing for praise where it’s likely to occur.

All done live with Digitone and samples of the Digitone on a Digitakt, then through the Analog Heat.



Listened to the first four songs or so on my drive home from work, it’s truly wonderful stuff! Thanks for sharing, I’m very excited to get to the rest of it!

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I do believe I commented in the original thread, but this stuff warrants a second mention, really loving these songs of yours!

I’m digging this stuff, especially Dark Bells, thanks for sharing!

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I’m very jealous that you got to see Jesus Lizard! GOAT is great, I’ve listened to Down the most tho.

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David Yow still plays out with different bands still from what I understand though it’s been a while since I’ve been in the loop, Down is another great record. I forget their guitar player’s name but he’s a genius.

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Duane Dennison on guitars. David Wm. Sims on bass. Mac McNeiley on drum set.
Best. Band. Ever.


listen to Liar, too…
absolutely savage One-Two punch of songs at the start.

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I was lucky enough to be in a band with Duane Denison for a few years. Great dude, incredible player. I’m a huge Jesus Lizard fan too :slight_smile:

Very interested to hear this music you’re cooking up!
Here’s a tune we did with Duane…around 2010?


That… is so cool…
What’d you play in this group?

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I played upright and electric bass and produced the records.
Duane and I have talked about doing some improvised gigs with me on modular and him on guitar…maybe one of these days as we live in the same town and are still good friends :slight_smile:


Checking Jesus Lizard.
Checking the songs on this thread.
Loving this vibe!


Whoa, I’m def familiar with the shack shakers, cool! I’d love to hear some sort of improve thing with Denison and you on a modular, that would be incredible!

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