Short volume drop when switching preset and circuit

I’ve already contacted elekton support on this, but would like to hear if anyone has had similar trouble?

I’m switching presets via MIDI PC. Sometimes, the new preset has a different circuit than the one before (obviously!). This is when a very short volume drop happens. What that can be very annonying, when for example switching to a new riff AND preset with different circuit, the attack of the first note is just cut off (very short volume drop, probably to eliminate noise from switching circuit).

I’ve made a basic video:
There is button 1=>AD Preset 7 (loud, drop hearable), button 2=> AD preset 1 (not so loud, just for showing switching circuits), button 3=> the blue wampler drive pedal. First volume drop happens around 0:30 of the video. I hope I’ve explained well :slight_smile:

I’ve planned to replace most of my distortion/drive pedals with the AD, but with the current situation, this is just not possible. I proposed to make a “dropless” mode available via pedal settings…

Thanks for any feedback.

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I’ve placed a feature request - Elektron recognizes this “problem”.

Maybe I’m the only one, but how it is now, it just not how a stompbox should work? Hoping it is technically possible to change it / make it configurable.

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ping. am I the only guitar player using the AD with midi?!

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I don’t use AD with midi yet. AH is even better for guitar, but I guess problem will be the same.

I have the exact same problem. My Drive has the latest update but the problem remains. It is very annoying. Did anyone (inluding Elektron) every resolve this issue?

This is Elektron’s reply

Hi, When switching between different distortion circuits there is a click and therefor we’ve added a little fade right when switching, because of the click it’s not possible to get a completely smooth change in presets. If you want smother transitions I suggest you rather use an expression pedal to modify the sound. Best regards,

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Click or fade with volume drop?
I vote for click. It should be optional.

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I don’t know if this is still current, but I juste received my new AD and do not experience clicks or volume drops when switching manually (I mean with the footswitches). It’s actually supersmooth. Is this a midi-only issue?