Shirow's beatmaking diary II - Return to the OctaTemple

Hey guys!

In my endless quest for THE minimalist set-up, I ended up more or less shelving the OT: not immediate enough, too annoying to use on some aspects etc. After trying some other boxes, I finally had the urge (and the time, thx quarantine…) to give it another shot… and I don’t know why, but something clicked: where I found it annoying to use, I’m now having mad fun making beats with it.

Ok, then : let’s resume the journey toward Octawizardry!

I finally took some time to dive into the Arranger Mode and, oh boy, it’s quite a revolution for me. And using different banks to kinda sub buss elements together by resampling was another “daaaaaamn” moment.

All in all, I feel I made my best beats so far these last weeks… probably because I had so much fun making them I guess! Here is my fav’ of the batch:

As always, a strictly hiphop affair with some synthy elements here and there. Still have some difficulties keeping a clean-ish mix strictly in the OT.