Sherman Filterbank and Analog Heat


I had the Vermona reverb which has the same filter, very nice but not really comparable to the AH.


Hey man, I’ve read in other post that you sold you old AH but bought another. What made you sell and buy it again?


I bought the first one when they came out, played around with it for a bit (not enough) then sold it for money and space reasons, I thought I’d get another later though and when I saw one for a good price I did.


I had both and still have the Vermona Retroverb lancet. Like the FIlterbank i would never part with it. It takes a bit of getting into it but it has a very nice sound to it. Can get aggressive too. I like it even a bit more than the filterbank.

Fusionbox sounds great as well but it was too limited for me. And the stereo mode was useless because it totally cancels the effected signal when listened back in mono.


…ha…no worries…
but…never forget the first rule in all this gear slut addiction game / how deep is this rabbit hole fo real…?

and that rule is…if u go cheap in first place, u’ll end up more expensive…

dunno how much cheaper the vermona stuff is in direct comparison to the ah…but a bit more than 600 euros is no way near to be called too expensive for what u get with this solid box…

so if ur missing one or two hundred bucks in ur calculation for now…wait another moment and then go for it…only if u really know what vermona can do for ur sound and that’s exactly what ur diggin’ for, and nothing beyond that, it really makes sense to go any cheaper…


…but just to make sure one last time…and as an official warning…

ah is addictive…once u gotit in your signal chain, no matter what it might contain, u’ll never wann go without it again…

so any questions what might worx best with it, are senseless…

it worx on EVERYTHING…not only drums…not only synth…not only guitars…everything…literally.


what about the Ebbe & Flut Filter?