Sharing your approach to live gigs


I’m aiming to get to a point where I either come up through the floor or get lowered from the rafters. I’d take either approach


Lasers and pyrotechnics are probably a good idea too. Maybe an animatronic plum?


easy guys, I won’t be able to do it all :wink:

But wait, what about michael’s Jackson antigravity lean?
Classic! :rofl:


Thank you for this wonderful playlist of live electronic acts.



I’ve been playing making lofi beats on the Digitakt. I performed at an open mic night using the Digitakt and ableton.

I mapped Channel 16 of the digitakt to some FX on a rack in ableton so it work similarly to a SP 404. Played few tracks, it was fun. But I feel there way too many cables for what I was trying to do. I would have rathered just had the 404.

For future setup, I think I wanna do Digitakt + Digitone and a 404 IF needed. I think that setup makes much more sense than brining a laptop on n stuff.


i would add kiasmos to the list of live electronic music performers.


How about Stimming for live gigs? He does a really cool hybrid of DJing and playing live. There is a youtube video of him explaining his setup…


There is also a newer video of him performing with 2 OT’s and SE02 in front of a light house. Love his music and a charismatic guy to boot!


I watched this Cercle set almost completely because I was curious how the SE-2 sounds. And to be honest …I didn’t like this set at all. The SE-02 didn’t didn’t want to sit in the mix somehow. Maybe he should have routed it through Analog Heat or similar - I don’t know.


I was inspired by this:


Yes. Only some short moments it worked with the SE-02, but he also admitted that himself in the interview at the end. It’s also difficult to not do too much especially when you are trying to get it right and it never really does flow nicely.

I am most interested in his personal master chain box. He said in the end he would do a new How I Play with DJ Tech Tools in the future about this setup.


For those of you using the OT for gigs, do you just use the stereo out? Or do you use all 4 outputs to sent to the PA? Any advice on getting the best sound possible?


after a few gigs with it, I was actually suprised how well it translated and sounded live, louder thru a PA, though i am going back to my set and filtering off some of the high edges, accounting for large woofers, amps and subs in the low end and leaving some dynamics in there.
it’s all in the mix, in the OT’s case, the filters and EQ for me.
I go through a mixer, with other gear, splitting the stereo main/percussion from stereo cue/everything else; (but this is mainly because this is how the tracks are performed, the mains thru a KP3.)
but generally, i think most would prefer dividing up the mix as much as possible, (or 4 monos) into a submix, accounting for various PAs and rooms. i also checked the stereo mix collapsed to mono, never had a issues with that, but sometimes it helps.
pretty much like any studio session- sound selection and mix.


So I’ve been doing “mostly experimental” gigs lately. I build the majority of the set by improvising with a digitone and a large pedalboard. I then reward the faithful with a banger on the octatrack at the end :slight_smile: (pretty much option 3 from the OP’s list)

As I learn the OT it’s going to feature more, but the meat of my current project is about asynchronous looping and droning.


After my last gig I posted my approach in in case you‘re interesred. Next gig I guess I will be preparing backing tracks with Maschine MK3 which is more streight forward for me.


Wow! i just checked your mixcloud link…that sounded great!


Cool. I’m glad you like it. There’s another but different Dub Techno live set I prepared and played a year ago. It’s based on Machinedrum + 2-3 Blofeld voices via Midi on one side and Analog Rytm + Four on the other side. I must say since I have the Octatrack I’m using mostly samples now midi sequencing the TI and using A4 for leads, percussions and transitions, sold the Analog Rytm but am loving the A4 and Machinedrum so much.

Also I started playing Maschine MK3 and start loving it the way I do A4 and Machinedrum, used with NI plugins, UHE Diva and Valhalla Shimmer in the following song which was a lot of fun, great workflow and keeps me inspired in switching back and forth between devices:


Sooo good! Gotta be one of the best combos. I can’t even think about ever splitting them. Have ya got any A4/MD only work ya can share? Always like to hear the magic combo in action :ok_hand:

Edit: Engine A - Mindset! Good job man!


Actually I used A4 and MD together (e.g. in the Elementary Liveset) but never exclusively. I just uploaded a Dub Techno track I did with Analog Four only, live and in one go. If you like Dub Techno and Analog Four it’s maybe for you :slight_smile: