Sharing sounds and parameters to other patterns : Kits


Coming from the A4 and Octatrack, I feel there was room for improvement with the Part/Kit structure instead of throwing it out together. A “simplified” mode where each pattern had its own part (but the ability to turn this off) didn’t seem that wild with all the work that already went into the A4 and OT. But history seems to say otherwise.


When I first got my A4, I didn’t understand kits and it drove me nuts at first. Then I learned how convenient it could be to have the same same kit across multiple patterns so if I tweaked a synth sound on one pattern, it would carry over to all related patterns. Now, with the DN not having kits, I’m dying over here. I have a bunch of patterns that have the same sounds, but if I want to make sure, for example, that the HARMONICS of each one is the same, I have to dial it in on every single damn pattern. It’s so obnoxious and it’s such a workflow killer. I feel like I must be missing something here.


No, you are not missing out something (besides copying is always faster than dialing everything separately in).

At least the possibility to configure a pattern to share the sounds of another pattern would be a godsend on the Digi machines …


Got my Digitone yesterday and noticed that, it’s sooooo annoying :frowning:

hope that the elektron crew release something to fix this soon, it’s very frustrating tweaking and then changing to the next pattern and get those cuts on the previous tweakings


Sorry for the bad news, but they will not. It was a deliberate design decision to leave out the Kit concept from the Digitakt and Digitone (and now the M:S) to simplify these machines.

(one of them wrote about topics like these somewhere here on the forum)

But you can always send them a feature request by mail. Hope never dies :wink:


Well it worked with the trig conditions for the OT :smile:

I wrote cenk via Instagram a couple of years ago and finally it came :wink:

Hope they change their minds, it’s not a matter of kits, just an option of linking patterns would be the solution for me


Yeah I can’t do a smooth filter sweep across a basic 4 chord progression. Seems kind of crippling in any context. Even a simple menu diving option to “sound-link” tracks 1,2,3, or 4 would resolve this.


I’ll pile on…
I use up 4 midi tracks on my Octatrack sequencing the digitone to avoid pattern switching for this very reason.
A feature to turn off pattern->kit links globally would be all it would take.