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I made a record out of my latest improvisations. Digitone ist the master and analog Heat used on the guitar stuff. Other than that Mother 32, Dfam and Opz/Op1, 0-coast, Prophet6 and Piano used. Pretty happy with the result. Free download.


hi, my version stranger things theme :wink: enjoy


more techno influence in this one. with the exception of a couple of 808 percussion samples, the sounds are all from the A4. thanks for listening.

mastered by Wayne @ Obsessed Audio (


Monomachine+Octatrack+Digitakt+Waldorf Pulse <3


A few days ago my second hand bought OT MK I arrived (finally!)

After reading the manual and watching some tutorials i was able to record the DN into OT.

I also recorded and edited some vocals with my mobile from an Elektron tutorial into OT.

After that i assigned some scenes and had a lot of fun. I really love scenes :smiley:

So thats the result:

132 BPM Techno

(KICK: 909 Sample)
(OH: 909 Sample)
(Synth: DN)
(Perc: DN)
(Vocal: YT)


I like that the crossfader actually became fully active after it was announced.


I like it! always loved copped up samples.


Erica Synths Techno System + Custom Skiff + midiphy SEQ v4+


Messing around with playing bass through granular samplers…gonna be fun :slight_smile:


Wow, all around amazing work here! You can tell a lot of love, thought and passion went in to the music and video.


Thank you! Much appreciated . I made the track 5 years ago, but I’m still very proud of it :slight_smile:


Another fan here who agrees. If you consider this a “jam” then it is worth developing further. Maybe streamline it, let the listener feel that happy groove more quickly. Love that chord you have going on with it, super catchy.


I like it! has an old school feel to it along with new sounds and tricks. I wanna hang out in the club that plays this.


Yesterday I jammed a set of DT and DN patterns with a little help of my Dominion 1.
Hope you like it!


I’ve just record my first session minimal techno/house (or whatever) with only Digitakt for drums and Analog four for other stuff.

Post production to mix and master on ableton live with most of waves plugins.
Hope you like.


After a long break I recorded this morning something. Insomnia…
I used OT for Drumsamples, and Digitone for the other stuff.

edit: mixing could be a lot better, i know.


downtempo ambient-techno heavily based on samples manipulation.
I would like to include a couple of these tracks in my liveset but the tempo is way too slow for it, I’ll probably try to rearrange them to fit the 135bpm pace of the other tracks


Two snippets of a new tune I’m working on…enjoy !