Share your tunes



Here’s a track I finished over the weekend. Started out as just a jam with my Analog 4 and DFAM, liked where it was going so added the 0-coast, with the Grandmother providing the wistful, kinda-breaking up lead. Recorded into Logic with Overbridge, added some extra FX.


Lovely stuff man, getting a nice Downwards vibe off this stuff!


Really good!


Thank you !


Made a new improvisation with my guitar, mother 32, dfam and friends.




btw: How are you folks keeping up producing at that pace in summer? I fight an uphill battle against heat, beer and the temptation to just go to a lake and swim and overdose on icecream. (:


nice little compact song i made with a digitone, rytm, xenophone, prologue 8 and a few samples. through a midiverb2


here’s anonther new deep/tech house track, a4/digitakt/diva.

mastered by Wayne @ Obsessed Audio (

as always, hope you like it and thanks for listening. :slight_smile:


Nice! Good degree of funkiness, too :slight_smile:


Yes, agree the sounds are great here, everything working nicely together. Stop building my Digitone GAS, damnit, I have enough stuff already! (Actually I’m really GASsing for the DN Keys, though I have nowhere to put it…)


what a great record, i could listen to this all day long.


Thank you !


you’re welcome, it really is good, love the old school vibe. thanks for the link. :+1:


Thank you very much :slightly_smiling_face:
don‘t talk to me about the digitone when you‘re afraid of GAS. I can‘t praise this glorious machine enough :wink:


This is a very long 2 part track. Starts out kind of chill and uplifting and then gets a bit more dark. Totally unedited and put together on the octatrack with the help of my Modal Skulpt.


I decided to force myself to record+share a take of “whatever I have at the end of this session, no post-production” and ended up liking the result well enough to share around. OT/DT/DN can be a bit overwhelming to make good use of all the machines, looking forward to diving into more sound-mangling via LFO Midi CC’s from Octa to DN/DT next time I’m feeling adventurous :slight_smile:


A 5 track Melodic IDM EP I put out featuring Digitone & RTYM on every track except the last.

all the vocal sample stuff is done with an Octatrack… I really don’t feel like I’m using it to its fullest potential though.