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Here’s a new track from my Sloher project.
It’s IDM I guess but also there’s some acid or electro in there, not quite sure.


Really cool track, also the other one.


1 month with OT. Finally starting to get a grasp on some of the features. Still so much to learn! OT, DT, Deepmind 12, microkorg. Live set, no edits, no overdubs.


New speedy techno EP I’ve just released. Done with Digitakt, Digitone, Alpha Juno, SH-01A, and MAM MB33 Retro, recorded live off the stereo outs of a Mackie CR1604, if that interests you. Real proud of these tracks.



Nice one, I could play this. Reminds me of good old Soma stuff as well as Robert Hood.


Thanks Quotnique and thanks for the comments on SC!


here’s my latest deep/tech house track, a4/digitakt/diva, and mastered by Wayne @ Obsessed Audio (

hope you like it and thanks for listening. :slight_smile:

#1668 here’s a track i made with the mono machine all FM synthesis (drums are digital).


Yay, finally I could motivate myself to make a new video.
Some mistakes, a little long, but I like the sounds a lot.
Samples from Mother32, DFAM and A4. Digitone plays pads and melodies.


Made some heavy hitting FM-beats… Loving the Digitone so much!


Modular practice! Lots of Turing Machine tweaking a Make Noise DPO, eowave Domino, Noise Eng. BIA and a 2HP Play, playing a kick sample from my A4


I made this track about 4-5 years ago during Electronic Music Production in college. It was the first semester of learning Ableton and one of the projects was to make an “EDM” track. While everyone was out making EDM/Dubstep kind of tracks, I went a different route. Probably my best track I’ve done and can’t seem to make stuff like this track anymore. Anyways, made with Ableton samples+FX, Korg DS-10 and Korg MS-20 (which the school provided) with no mixing/mastering. :cool:


Lovely chill electronica track :smiley:


thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


ambient dance jam i made, took a few hours of hard work :smile:


Very experimental. interesting :slight_smile: I bet the squirrels ran away quickly


Here’s a single my friend and I did for our upcoming gig.

Available for download through bandcamp.
All proceeds will go towards The Immigrant Legal Resource Center

(lol yeah we made this using 2 Digitones, a Digitakt. Definitely exploring the harder sides to electronic music. give it a listen guys, let me know what you think!)



First track of new e.p., ready in a few weeks.
Now on YT. Electro/Techno, Detroittechno.