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was able to squeeze a few more voices and a bunch of variation into the sequencing setup and made a new version of my previous track


Octatrack + Digitone


I have a couple of releases coming out this summer…the first on Denied Music out of Austin, TX. These were made with mostly AR and A4, some soft synths too.


Finally took the time to link up all my machines, some very recently purchased, like my 104HP eurorack skiff. Tried a simple live jam using OT>>A4>>MicroMonsta>>eurorack. One sample on the OT, MicroMonsta for pads (sequenced from OT), drums from A4, which clocked and sequenced a Make Noise DPO and Noise Engineering Basimus Iteras Alter perc module.


This is electric guitar and vocals. 1 take. No edits.
Chris Cornell cover



enjoy :slight_smile:


Testing out a new video rig (a Panasonic G7 stuck on a desktop mic arm) and trying to make more complex/longer jams:


trashin about with digitone ratio offset goodness <3


that’s great :ok_hand:t3:


Hey there,

I uploaded some older work to my SC-Page that I also want to share here with you.
I made all this with a PC, mainly with Reason and a few tracks with Ableton.
I hope you enjoy it!

Have a pleasent time.


First jam with my new toy… RYTM mk1.
Had a rejig and gave the DD500 and RV500 to RYTM outs. Still getting those sweet wonky pads from the OB6! Sub37 is the other live synth. All recorded directly to cassette into the daw and uploaded. No plugins.



Quickbtrack I did after rearranging my studio and updating my firmware for my Digitone v1.21 and some other gear. Recorded in one take. Love working in the 140+ bpm zone. Scale per track in the Digitone is a game changer.

Digitone - Melody / Bassline
Reface CS - Chords
Machinedrum - Percussion


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Finally got around to creating a track after having recently moved into a new place. This one took off as soon as set myself up for a 3/4 timing and came up with that soft arpeggio line. Truly is a joy to experiment with different timing and never ceases to amaze how much it spices everything up!


Here’s a little jam I made today - sampled the Moog Little Phatty into the Octatrack and then processed it to bits in it and jammed out with it.


I’ve jammed around one pad from microfreak with some elektron machines to get some kind of idm/ambient stuff


Three birds with one stone: Octatrack practicing plus volca modular and volca drum demo (the kick is from Volca Drum, no processing, just in line, i didnt even expect that it would eventually sound so punchy!)


Analog Keys only.


That’s awesome!


Still learning modular and having a blast. This jam uses a Pamela’s New Workout and Malekko Varigate 4+ sequencing a Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas Alter and SSF Entity for the tribal kinda drums. OT midi sequencing the MicroMonsta for bass and synth stuff. A4 was used for hats and snare.