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Relaxing track with Rytm and Digitone


Yet more live edits style house with Digitakt and Analog Rytm, and recording and mixing with Overbridge.



pico patch ii, loaded some drum/oh/hh etc. samples from my long gone tanzbär lite…
its pico hell ;), fun starts around 1/2 of track…


Really like the second tune, reminds me of John Tejada.


Only digitakt and digitone


I like the low end and percussion on all of those quite a bit. Cheers!


Short with iPhone Audio:

Long with recorded Audio:

Another short Tune:


Hey thanks! The Rytm has quite some low-end by itself =)


:relaxed: h a p p y


Secret of Monkey Island main them - Digitakt plus Digitone

10 minutes of nostalgia led to this :))


We got a bunch of synths together and made this jam to stress-test an app we’re working on:


20 minutes practice run (AK, Tanzbar, Digitakt)


A deep tune featuring Sub37 and Dominion-1 controlled by Octatrack as well as AnalogKeys, Digitone played on top. Arranged, mixed and “mastered” in Ableton.


I already shared this one a few days ago, but the old link is dead and I reposted it under the following:

Love to my little one dancing for the camera!


Have a couple of new albums out…


That’s some solid ambient right there :+1:


Got a couple of new tunes out, mostly made with the Digitakt/Digitone. These tracks got started by testing out the Overbridge Beta, to track out all the individual parts.

My workflow has been to use the Digitwins to compose a few loops/parts, then bring everything into Ableton for a lot of chopping up, arranging, EQ and tweaking.

I need to practice playing the boxes a lot more though, I’d love to just record an album from just the stereo master of a live jam.


So cool, good vibes. Love it.


New improvisation online. It’s a digitone dfam mother32 guitar piano 0coast and opz thrown together with some vocals.