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Very creative, loads of interesting sounds in there!

You’re deeply immersed in your own thing (which, from me, is a compliment!)

So the “drums things” are from the A4 ?


Yeah, all the ‘drums’ are from the A4. I think my favorite thing about the A4 is using it for drums/perc


And thanks for saying so!


Congas and tech house a la 2010 = 100% party


Another track from tonight.

digitone, analog heat on master, mother32, dfam, keys, guitar and some vocals.


Enjoying a lot! Thanks!



Nice sense of arranging. I like how you leave space. Each thing at the right place makes the whole song enjoyable. Inspiring, I’ll try to do so in my next tunes.


Thank you for listening and the kind words!


First track of EP to the tribute to my recently passed feline co-producer, Gianluca:



Like this one a lot. Well done!


Recent collabs:

Gear used:
BassStation 2
Live 10
Roel with guitar
Melanie with Vocals


New drum n bass tune.


A quick A4 mkII jam. Assigning a ton of parameters to a single knob is what I’ve been after lately. Enjoy


1st patch on erica synths pico system ii, I think I like that little beast ;), nothing else used, no editing…


just the pico? wow. (:


I don’t know what to say, so there:



Yup :slight_smile:


New EP online!

With selfmade cover :slight_smile:


I used lots of different techniques here but the OT always features in dove form or another.


First time posting any music on here but my new SonetRing EP released today on 8D Industries. Of the three releases I have had this one is the first fully hardware one (outside of tracking), and I have blame Elektron for that. (and their impact on my suffering wallet) :slightly_smiling_face: