Share your tunes


I always like and appreciate your creative style, wish I had such in my mind :wink:


Thank you for the kind words jingo :slight_smile: i think we should start a colaboration tune :wink:


Just a scribble really today, but the combination of the Deckards, Two Voice Pro, Digitone and Octatrack was particularly sweet sounding.



The DD and Digitone are such a sweet combo. Perfect partners IMO. Really been enjoying layering the two.


Another. DT + DN and some DPO-action


Something I’m working on… not sure if the bass is too much.


Ambient Sequences for the weekend.


no drums \0.0/


I skipped the landr mastering this time because I felt it made the last track a bit too harsh. I also don’t have a DAW at hand right now to master it myself, so I thought I’ll just drop the raw (again A4+OT+Rev2, that’s all I got :slight_smile: ). This means that you might have to turn up the volume a bit for full enjoyment, because I wanted to be sure that there is no clipping during recording and there is an intensity range in this track.


Very nice work…is this a brocken or a locked Key One the Virus¿


Watch closely at 00:43.


Ahhh nice Trick :wink::+1:


Thanks! It solves the two-hand-limitation of my body-setup.


Digitakt, Digitone and Roland JD-XA.


Not sure why my stuff is sounding so silly/playful or whatever lately, but I’ll just keep finishing em and moving along! A4mkii and Moog Minitaur only


Please say Hi to my angel in the video!


Nice TD vibes.


Experimental D&B track on my spotify:


New remix uploaded!! :cb_r::cb_e::cb_m::grey_exclamation::heavy_multiplication_x: