Share your tunes



Here are two new poppy tunes I wrote on the op-1 and finalized on the digitakt. The vocals are done with the Roland vt-4.


Very nice!


shared this one in the DN thread a bit earlier, but hey - more is more right?

DN>>AH for some abrasive FM drums and detuned melody.


It’s software only track, but my Digitone stood on the table and inspired me!
I’ve tried to make something synth-based and cinematic for my video.


A4MKII Sound Demo (sequenced by Midibox SEQ v4+, dawless)

4 tracks, selfmade patches, dont try this @ home :wink:


A bit of Acid. Digi-combo + small modular of mostly Make Noise stuff.


Great drums in this.


A beatless ambient created with some tape manipulations on my TEAK 144


Another simple jam featuring the Deckard’s Dream, accompanied by Digitone and RYTM on drums and the simple melody monosynth that happens every 16 bars(love the dvco machine). DD and DT are doubling each other.

edit:new version below


More house edits. “whiper not” or “burning up”

Also, forgot to mention* using DT and AR with Overbridge. I’m liking the quality so far.


Here´s a jam from earlier today. Dusted off my analog heat to put it last in the chain. Infront there´s a digitone, mother32, dfam, 0coast, keys, guitar and some live vocals.


Good evening Fellas, Here’s some older jam-tracks with the Rytm, Avalon Bassline and Eventide Space, TimeFactor.


Some house


Finished another new tune with the octatrack. Everything but the Bass was designed and sequenced on the octatrack. I’m still waiting for my microfreak to show up so I had design the Bass in Serum.


New tune using the new rig - a gurgling analog chant that aligns with lashings of syncopated echo to reverberate along a vector of shifting sustained harmonics and driving rhythm. Perhaps.


Octatrack, Eurorack (Plaits, Rings, Polaris & Squarp Hermod Modular Brain) Nord Modular G2 and Digitone in a short live track:


great stuff jingo! :slight_smile:


new version of the previous track
edit:evennewerversion the Deckard’s Dream is really fun for overdubs


Dankööö :), btw. A4MKII is just a great toy to play with :wink: