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Enjoying these posts. Here’s something I sequenced on the Rytm and A4 + Werkstatt. The only post-processing is a limiter.


More of a jam than a track DT DN and tb03 recorded straight to zoom and uploaded

Listen to acid space walk by eoghan - pressplay dj’s on #SoundCloud



hm, not sure how to tag this…


Drums and bass line on Model:Samples. Modal Skulpt supplies the various synth sounds. Everything put together (along with the Gene Wilder voice samples) and mangled in Logic. Slowly learning I’ve much more to learn.


Classic music on Analog Keys - Prokofiev Dance of the knights


This is really good. What makes the low sliding bass sound?


Dig it.


Thanks! Moog Littlephatty on the bass duties (resampled)


I was thinking Minitaur but wasn’t quite the same tone… sounds great.


Yeah, I like the sound of the Phatty. It’s very easy to squeeze something very chunky out of it. :grinning:
great fodder for Emu sampler to make even bigger bass out of it.


Just put the finishing touches on my latest project “Escape Plan”

An individual discovers too many truths about his oppressive government in a dystopian future. He is sent to a labor camp which is overseen by an eccentric overlord know as “The Cordon.” He spends his days devising a plan to escape.

This is an 8 track project and the songs are all in order within the playlist I posted. I hope you enjoy this and feel free to comment, like, or sub to my youtube for future projects! Thank you. Would also like to know what Genre my tracks fall under


I just picked up an Octatrack MkI last week. Recorded my first track with it. So nice to be producing outside of a DAW.


Great stuff Cepheid! Right up my alley. Probably it’s Electronica/IDM. Glad to see others produce in this genre.


Cepheid this is great! Always envious of people that can produce in this style.



Really struggling to master the A4. Did this poppy little 80’s jam just to keep digging into it. A4 only


Sounds funny. And also like gaming music.


That sounds about right :slight_smile:


It really does sound like something that would be in a modern platformer. I dig it man


Thanks so much!