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Deep wubs.


New Analog Rytm beat. Going for minimalism here.


A lofi-ish deep house track with DT and other gear. Also, with a hardware acid rework, a jungle/braindance remix, and a more experimental IDM remix. Enjoy!

(Sorry for some reposting)


I love this thread. You all make really advanced stuff. Keep it going.


here’s my latest house track made with the DT/A4/Diva and mastered by Wayne @ Obsessed Audio (

thanks for listening, hope you like it. :slight_smile:


I uploaded something new in my soundcloud account. feel free to comment, critic, like, share, etc.
Digitakt with Arturia beatstep, mixing on the go on the digitakt + some editing + mastering with Ardour afterwards. Thanks for listening and I hope you like it.


What’s a Diva?


it’s a soft synth, but sounds really analog. i used it for the bassline in the track i just posted. i’ve only had it for a couple of months, but i find myself using it in most of my tracks now.


Damn! That’s a pretty nice VST! (But, almost nothing my DSI Evolver can’t do.) :wink:

Having a DT and AK, curious: how did you split the DT and A4 (and Diva as well) duties on your track?


yeah being mostly a hardware guy, i was surprised at how much i like it. helps that it was on sale too.

my workflow is always evolving and it tends to change from track to track. i find re-configuring things keeps me inspired. most of the time i use the DT for percussion and as a sequencer for the tb3/ms20, A4 & Diva for bass/pads/chords/leads. i tend to record individual outs into ableton to resample, add fx, automation, and arrangement.

for this particular track, the basic drum sounds were all sequenced on the DT, then processed heavily with soundtoys. the bassline and piano melody was diva, the pad and stab type sounds all started from the same A4 source, then effected, bounced, reversed several times and chopped in ableton’s sampler. the vocals were various samples sequenced via drum rack in ableton (with blackhole on reverb and echoboy for delay).

sorry, that was so long winded. :wink:


I did an EP. The last 3 tracks were played ‘live’ using an Octatrack and various combos of Elektron gear :slight_smile:

It could be better but I’m still learning innit. Any criticism heartily welcomed.


Diva is super good at bass duties.


Sometimes, if I drag an idea around for too long it really starts to weigh me down, almost a physical sensation… Do you know the feeling? I really needed to get this one done.


Absolute. Working out a new track often feels like going crazy. But in a good way. (Most of the time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


Just posted this in another post I thought was this thread so… I’m reposting…

Just some junk I cranked out my first few days of owning the OT with guitar playing after having not practiced for months… :confused:


Yah, it’s definitely a special state of mindyou get into while finishing tracks, tunnel vision and all. And I’m always oscillating between trance like flow and obsessive self loathing lol.


I think you’re did pretty well. Only thing I noticed were hats/percussion where you could have rolled off the highs a bit to make it smoother, but who am I to judge lol.


Ok, so if this isn’t ‘proper’ in your view, really makes me want to listen those of your tracks which are. (;



Heh, thanks! I guess I just mean tracks where I actually have a little idea of what I want to do before I start, with some sort of plan for structure, and it gets an arrangement and mix in a DAW, like this track, or this one, rather than just noodling around with stuff (not that there is anything wrong with that, obvs!). The DFAM is sorta hard to use in a structured way (and it’s definitely quite hard to come back and set it up exactly as it was last time you were using it!). I might try sampling bits and chopping it up with the Digitakt.