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Just getting my MIDI routing in order, and whipped this up while testing everything. The Model:Samples is controlling the TherapSID now, which is fun. Anyway…


Digitakt music. Complete song.



Hi guys, here is a new installment in a video series where I try to get generative music out of the Digitakt :

I’m quite happy with this one, hope you’ll like too!<3


Here’s my first completed song on the OTMKII:

It’s been a tremendous few weeks getting to know this box and I’m excited to continue riding the learning curve :slight_smile:


Has its dedicated thread already, but I put it here too in terms of archiving :slight_smile: My latest single, so to speak.


I bring this old project to new ears :slight_smile:

free download


:mage:My first album is out now across all streaming platforms and music stores :fire: :ok_man:

Used a lot of digitakt and digitone across this album. One of my favorite methods is tracking instruments right into the Digitakt! Everything that comes out of it just sounds magic


That’s cool. Sounds really good and I like the images.


Hmm, this was my first one recorded in Ableton with Overbridge Beta and all of my Elektron devices the Rytm, Digitakt and Digitone.




Here’s a live improv House set I recorded last week. Nothing presequenced just hit play and went where it took me.

Novation Peak, Analog Rytm, and Analog Four recorded the master mix right into Ableton.



Here is a beat i jammed out last night. Fairly pleased with this one, much better than my previous effort. Hopefully a sign that i am getting to grips with this wonderful little machine.

Any comments, good or bad are welcome!


Hello :wave:t2:

A little Ambient, Hip-Hop, Acid experimentation. hope you guys enjoy :headphones:


This really sounds amazing! Thank you! :zap::zap:


Thank you!! :slightly_smiling_face:


free download for limited time , comments are welcome :slight_smile: (bug fixed , now it works)


A new Dub Techno track with a video of our monorail.


Another DFAM-centric jam made over the long weekend, this time allowing the DFAM to get a bit more gnarly and experimental. Master sequencing, FX and non-DFAM drums from the Analog 4, arpy sequence on the Grandmother, lead on the 0-coast.

Just a jam really to experiment with driving the DFAM’s sequencer with an irregular clock (which is also sent to the Grandmother and driving its sequencer), and recorded out of the Analog 4’s stereo outs., so forgive the mix and small mistake. I’ll get back to making “proper” tracks now :slight_smile:


Originally a pattern from the digitakt, now finished off in Ableton. Added a section with Rhodes and Strings.